Jun 21, 2017

5 Practical Home Extension Design Ideas

Homeowners who are interested in extending their homes have different types of design options to choose from. They can add a second story room over the top of the rear part of their home. They can also extend the rear part of their home by building outward onto their property. There are many different types of rear house extensions that property owners can use to transform their homes into a new and exciting living environment.
1. Lighted Rooms are the Modern Trend

Homeowners are now extending their residence by adding lighted rooms to their main house. These rooms are primarily made of a thick glass that can withstand the elements and outdoor temperatures. Not all communities will allow glass extension rooms.

However, homeowners should take advantage of this special type of rear home extension if it is allowed. They will definitely enjoy eating their meals in the direct sunshine or even enjoying their dinner under a rainy sky. The glass can be treated and tinted to filter the direct sunlight and to keep harmful UV rays from harming occupants.
2. Long Room Designs for the Backyard

Property owners also extend the rear portion of their homes by erecting a long room that spreads out into the backyard. A person will need extra yard space to pull off this type of rear home extension. The key to making this work is to design the additional room without taking up a lot of the backyard area.

This type of home extension should not be used if a person really enjoys being outside in their backyard. Some homeowners gotten smart about the backyard space and they make their rooms with elements of the outdoors built into them.
3. Second Storey Designs

Adding another storey on top of a home can be a bit tricky. This is because the extra floor space has to fit within the current dimensions of a house. Still, if a person can pull it off; a second storey will be a great addition to a local resident.

Many homeowners decide to implement a second storey room because building outward onto their property might not be practical. Also, some people just prefer this additional home style. Most second storey additions are typically done on the rear part of a house. It is just easier to add a second storey in the rear or the side of a structure.

Keep in mind that some property owners opt for a second storey extension  project. This can be very expensive and complex to perform. Normally, people who have an extra amount of income and a big enough house will usually take on this type of design.

However, it might not be practical for most homeowners simply because the extra space that is required. Also, the time it will take to build up the additional levels might not be worth the effort as well. Once again, if a person has the resources, a big enough house and the time to complete the project; they should probably consider this type of extension project.
4. Conservatory Extensions

Conservatory home extensions are popular. This is especially true for people with a love for gardening and a green environment. Traditionally, conservatories were used to house and grow various types of plants.

They are still used primarily for this purpose but modern householders have also turned them into independent lounging areas for relaxation or entertaining guests. There are different types of glass materials that people can use for their conservatory structures. These materials are good at blocking out UV light and they are strong enough to handle the elements.
5. Garage Extension

A garage could be located on the rear of a property but for many homes they are not. It just depends on how they were constructed when a property was first erected. A lot of modern homes have huge garage areas where people can park at least 3 vehicles, set up a miniature tool shop and have room left over for extra storage.

More often than not, many homeowners just do not use the extra garage space that came with the property. Instead of letting it go to waste, they can simply coŠ½vert their garage area into an outdoor sitting area or into a workout room. Some landlords like having the extra space out in their garage to perform a wide variety of projects.

Garage extensions are just another practical way for people to use the space they have to make an additional area for their home. Some garage extension projects could even involve a second storey, though this is rare. Ultimately, people can transform their unused garage space into whatever type of room that best fits their family’s unique lifestyle.

All of these different rear home extension projects help householders to get the best use out of their property. This way they can have the extra space they need and the type of home they desire without having to relocate to another house.

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