Jun 26, 2017

Brighten your home with these dazzling decorating ideas during celebrations

The festival is a joy for all of us. On that day, we will throw out all our negative forces and welcome positive energies with full happiness. The happiness will never stop and also it continues everywhere in our home with attractive colorful decorations.

To make more colorful, paint your home with contrasting colors like red, gold and white. It shows premium to look at the time of celebrations and you feel elegant that lasts throughout the year. Then lighten your home with some candles and use a wide range of lighting products from spotlights to rice lights around the house.

It gives you a warm look because of the dull and muted lights. Review your home d├ęcor and lighting at different times of the day to ensure that it matches the mood and tone you have in mind. Another way to make your home feel brighter and more spacious is to add mirrors and reflective surfaces, which create a feeling of light and space. These are particularly a good idea in hallways or other narrow spaces that can feel dark.

During the festival season brighten your corridor by adding faux greenery, flowers, berry sprigs and glittered pinecones to a grapevine wreath then cover with faux snow to give your front door a cheery update during winter months. Add a little glitz to any area of your home with an inexpensive plastic.

Arrange a simple decorative buffet by showcase your cooked food in the dessert table. You can craft your own bowls for serving food. Nature makes the perfect party backdrop and natural beauty is decorative enough already, so you won’t need many enhancements to make your party pop.

What is a party without balloons? If you blow them up yourself, balloons are very inexpensive to use. Choose primary or bright colors for a youthful look, or for more mature party goers, stick with one or two colors. Hang balloons from the ceiling with curling ribbon or string, scatter them around on the floor, or use the balloons to create a fun shape or backdrop on the wall.

Create the ambiance with soft lightning with the help of scatter candles of various heights and keep near dining areas around the tables. It feels gorgeous at the time of festival seasons. Instead of buying big crackers you can sparkle your home with the sparklers fireworks during festival seasons like Diwali.

You can twist, wind, braid, and curl crepe paper. Get a lot of bang for your buck with this affordable and versatile party material. There may be dozens of bangles at your home which you’re about to throw out while cleaning your home this Diwali. Don’t throw them out instead turn them into beautiful wall hangings.

The darkest night of the year actually is the brightest night in India. Take simple earthen diyas and paint the inside and outside of earthen lamps into contrasting colors. Decorate the rim with pearls or glitters and light up your house. These DIY projects besides being fun are money savers as well.

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