Jun 26, 2017

Budget friendly celebrations - Attractive home decor ideas

Small decorating projects can freshen up your home and be inexpensive. You can jazz up your home with these easy lighting ideas. Take two colored sheets, pencil, stapler and scissors and cut two strips out of one sheet and keep aside. Fold the second sheet in half. Draw lines and cut along these lines leaving about one-inch space at the end. Then open the sheet and roll it up. Now connect the sheet using the staple. Roll up the first sheet and put it inside the lantern you made. Staple to keep it at a place. Now hang them up your ceiling or in the backyard to make pleasant environment.

Do not throw away those fruit peels. Using creativity, we can make stunning candles out of them. Remove the middle portion or orange and ensure the middle stem-like part is intact. Fill the hollow portion with olive oil or wax. Now lit the center stem that’ll work as a wick.

Make your home entrance with cost-effective decorations by Hanging toransor on the doors. Take a waste paper, cardboard. Cut them into mango leaf shapes, but ensure making a base for each leaf. Paste the leaf shape cut-out on base and decorate it with glitter or a flat chamki. Let it dry after that stick all cut-outs on a string or a lace going behind them. Tie the ends of the string or lace from two hoops and your DIY Toran is ready. You can decorate your home with these stunning floating candles in a glass bowl or pot.

Take a big bowl or pot made of glass steel anything that has a wide opening. Fill it half with water. Put into it some rose petals, or other flower petals, items, glitters etc. Now add some tea-lights and lit them up. Your home will dazzle with lights.

Brighten your home with the twine balloon light Start by blowing up a balloon. Hang it down the ceiling. Make and mix the paste using water, corn starch and glue. Dip yarn in the paste. Now wrap the balloon with the yarn soaked in the paste and let it dry for about 12 hours. Pop the balloon. You’ll get a balloon shaped cotton ball. Spray paint and now add it to your favorite home d├ęcor ideas.

Do not throw those old tin cans out of your home while cleaning. Yes, tock them up and turn them into eye-catching lanterns. First of all, fill each can with sands. Then wrap the can with a paper tightly. Place the can on a towel to avoid rolling. Now use a nail and hammer to make the desired design and make two large holes on both sides of the can to pass into it a hanging wire. Once, you’re done with the design part, remove the sand and clean the cans well. Spray the inner part of the cans with white paint and paint the outer part with another color.

Let it dry for sometimes. Now, cut a portion of wire accordingly and insert it through both the ends. Before putting candles, fill about two centimeters of the can bottom with sand first and your recycled lanterns are ready. Try out these ideas at home and enjoy the festival seasons with the crackers gift box online and celebrate with complete happiness.

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