Jun 23, 2017

Ideas that today parents wish they’d known before decorating their nurseries

When the great news finally comes out, the excitement of becoming a parent starts. At this time, you are not sure of what to buy and what to do with the baby’s room. Therefore, you end up decorating the room with several things and styles that were not necessary at the moment. If you missed on the dos, then here is a brief list of nursery decorating ideas you should have known.
1.    Have an arrangement
Once you hold the child in your arms  and you welcome it in the house, your numerous trips during the night begin to and from the kid's room. You don’t want to trip over a misplaced toy while you are taking your baby back to his room. Therefore, it is recommendable to have functional storage space you place things that you are no longer using rather than leaving the room scattered with every toy on the floor.
2.    Arrange your changing table

The changing table is the most important part of the baby’s room. This is where you will be changing the diapers and all other clothes. Before you start undressing the baby to change their diapers, ensure that everything you need is within your reach. Often, you will risk the baby from falling if you try to reach out to things that are scattered away. Therefore, your changing table should be surrounded by all the necessary things you need. Like you must ensure that your diaper bin is closer, burp clothes, pacifier, baby cream, wipes, diapers and the list goes on and on.

3.    Pick a theme

This is where most people go wrong. Don’t just assume that the baby’s room should not have a theme. Remember, your child will be turning into a young adult soon and if you can arrange for them now, you will not be able to tame their choices in future. However, when you select a theme for the room during your preparations, you will attract a certain character to the life of the baby in his future.
4.    Paper your walls

Washing the baby’s poop from walls is the most tedious job. You should not be ready to work on such. Therefore papering the walls prevents you from all that hustle and keeps the room neat with clean walls when you remove the paper.

5.    Work on lighting

Your baby’s sleeping pattern depends on the type of light they have in their room. If you want a baby to take on a cool nap during the day, simply play with their psychology by introducing a night light. You can also introduce windows that are dark to attract darkness in the room every time you want the baby to sleep for a while. Excessive lighting keeps the baby awake even when he is cranky.

6.    Use neutral colors

Baby’s will always be baby’s, and all they want is a little colorful room. You should not get so much into specific colors for your baby stuffs like painting your walls blue for boys, pink for girls or even introducing certain baby mattress to suit the child. All these stuff will be for you. Otherwise, all your child want is a cool room with a good looking crib plus a few more toys here and there to make the room playful. However, you should not overdo the toys and surround baby with plenty of staff that may torture them psychologically.

At the end of it all, you should not limit yourself as to what to include in the room as you prepare the nursery. If you don’t take full control of what your child uses and how the room should be decorated now, you may never get that chance ever again especially when your child becomes of age.

Additionally, you should not use the nursery as the houses storage room. Ensure that your baby’s room remains for the baby and you have a different room for other storage. Also, you should not limit yourself to storing all the baby stuff in the room especially, when the room is small. Although the baby only needs a small space, it is important to provide them with enough space to play.

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