Mar 25, 2012

Setting Up a Home Office

Creating a home office can be an excellent way to save on set up costs whilst also preparing yourself for a profitable business venture. It’s vitally important, however, that you make the right decisions at this early stage because your home office needs to be as professional as any office for anyone who visits. Long hours, waiting for deliveries and having to fix everything yourself are two common complaints from people who work from home, but all of these problems can be easily tackled from the start.

The Workspace
The workspace is the first and most crucial element of a home business start-up. Ideally you need to start with an empty room with a private entrance to your office (meaning you do not have to walk through the home to get to the office, or vice versa). This room should then be cleaned, repainted and remodelled wherever needed.

Choosing the right Sydney office chairs is important. Whilst you may think it’s comfortable to lie on your sofa to work, this is very bad for your back and will lead to lazy work habits. Whether you believe it will or not, working from a sofa will make you more tired and more easily distracted. Kit your home office out like any corporate office and put on a suit before starting work every day. This will get you in work mode and make your body realise that it isn’t still the weekend.

Choosing a PC
Moving from the corporate world to a home office might lead you to automatically jump for a desktop computer. Consider the many quality portable options first because you may well find yourself travelling a lot and this will make the process far easier.

Computer Support
Computer support is necessary in any company and when working from home you have to rely on yourself. This does not have to be a complete headache because help is available. For a ‘no fix, no fee’ charge of around $150 it is possible to get any software problems fixed. This may seem like a lot, and in most cases it is, so you would be better off investing in a computer support course for yourself instead.

Importantly, you will be entirely responsible for backing everything up. Invest in an external hardrive for this purpose and utilise cloud storage for all but the most sensitive and confidential information.

It is tempting to save costs by just using your home phone for work. This will unfortunately provide a very unprofessional image to customers and should be avoided. Your
phone systems will say a lot about your business so make sure you have a dedicated business line and a phone that calls can be redirected to when you are travelling between jobs.

Balance Books and Work Life
When you work for a company there will usually be someone working tirelessly to balance the accounts. This will need to be you in your own business and it’s crucial to stay on top of it all. Doing accounts once a week should ensure you are always aware and able to pay debts when needed.

Working at home poses a second more serious balancing issue, however. The working hours completed by a home worker are often longer and less ridged than they need to be. When working for yourself it is too easy to endlessly create work to fill time, even when you don’t want to and are trying not to. Draw a line at the end of each day and come back to complete it the next day, just as you would when working for another company. Lock the office and leave until the morning or you will end up staying all night.

As long as you can arrange and organise all of the above you should find setting up your own home office a fun and enjoyable experience. 

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