Mar 11, 2012

5 Tips for Planning a Wedding Reception at Home

When it comes to your wedding reception, there is really no place like home. If you or your family own property that is special for you and your fiancée, such as a lakeside house or a family country cottage, then you can really cherish your big night in a place that is extra meaningful. The following tips will help you get organised so that you can throw a party to be remembered right in your own backyard.

Stay on Level Ground 

Before you even begin to plan a wedding reception in your backyard, check to make sure the ground is level. Chairs, tables, the stage and the dance floor are all things that need to be on even ground. To test it, you can simply put a table and some chairs out to see for yourself, or you can hire a landscaper for a couple hours to do a more thorough check.

Tend to the Green Space
You will want to take care of this as early as possible, as plant life generally grows on it’s own terms. The success you have with your lawn and garden will depend greatly on what season you have your wedding in and how early you start planning. If you want a spring wedding, start talking to your landscaper in autumn about reseeding, replanting and sodding your lawn. The same goes for perennials: they need winter months to take hold, so the autumn before your big day should be when you do last minute planting. Annuals also need to be planted early enough that they have time to fill out, and be sure choose varieties that will be in bloom around the time of your wedding.

Hire Your Supplies 

Chances are good that if you are having a wedding reception in your backyard, you will need to hire your party supplies. Items such as tables, chairs, dinnerware, table linens and place settings are all little extras you will need. You will also need some larger structures such as pergolas or tents, a stage, a dance floor, a bar set-up and a portable bathroom depending on how many guests are attending. It is best to book these things well in advance so that you aren’t left in the lurch.

Set Up Boundaries
Having the wedding reception at your home is a recipe for having to play host all night long, and the next morning, too. Unless your house is a mansion and you have butlers, you won’t want wedding guests staying over night – especially since it is your first night as a married couple. Make it clear to people that the party is over at a specific time of night by either stating it on the wedding itinerary or by booking extra rooms at a nearby hotel.

Have Backup
Having a plan B that is just as good as your plan A is really important. If your house is too small for your guests, you should have a back-up venue available in the event of unexpected weather. Your plan B could also just be a few extra party tents that can withstand more punishment from the elements. Stifling heat can pose just as big a problem as rain, so have a few extra fans, shady areas, cool drinks or portable air conditioners available to keep all the party people happy.

And most of all, enjoy every moment, of this most important and special occasion. 

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djawa said...

great tips., I'll try these tips when married., :D

kimmy said...

nice post! it reminds me of my own reception at home about 12 years ago..

san san said...

nice info brother.. :D I wanna to try it..

My World said...

nice share sist... i hope... i wanna to try it soon....

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