Mar 5, 2012

Connecting Your Garage to Your Home

If you already have a garage connected to your home but no entry way from your home into the garage then there are options to have a door installed. It is no good having a garage door remote if you cannot just jump out of the car and go directly into your home. Having a door direct to your garage also makes it a great way to expand your entertaining areas.

Consider the following before installing a new door from your garage to your home:
• Where do you want the door to be?
• Is your garage and/or home large enough to accommodate a new entryway?
• Will it affect the structural integrity of your walls?
• What type of door do you want? Sliding, traditional, by-fold?
• Can you do it yourself or is it a job for a qualified builder?

Where Do You Want the Door? 
A door from your garage to your home needs to be conveniently located. Ideally, it should be on the driver's side of the car but if your garage is large it can be located elsewhere. Knowing where you want the door may mean other structural improvements are necessary as well. If you garage is lower than the floor of your home you will need to find room to add steps into the home. You will also need to make sure you are not affecting the room needed for any garage door openers.

Is it Large Enough?
One reason your garage may not already have a door directly into your home is that it is too small. It may also mean that you do not have proper access from the garage to the home (such as a free standing garage). You need to leave enough room for people (the driver at least) to exit the vehicle and walk through the door. You do not want to add a door if you have to squeeze past the car or other objects just to get inside.

Structural Integrity
If you are unsure of the structural integrity of your walls then you definitely have to ask a professional. Adding new doors anywhere in your house could mean the removal of structural beams. However, if you are looking at installing a small door then you can probably get away with installing it between main supports.

To find out where your beams are you should go to a hardware store and buy a stud finder. These little electronic devices are basically small metal detectors which beep over a metal stud or nail. Mark off where the studs are and this will usually indicate where a beam is passing behind your wall.

What Type of Door? 
The type of door will usually be determined by the size and layout of your garage. The most common door from a garage into a home is a sliding door. This is because it saves space and avoids the problems of traditional swinging doors needing space to open and close.

Professional or DIY? 
If you want to install a door from your garage to your home then you will need a bit more than DIY experience. As mentioned above, you will need to find where your beams are located and also understand where your load bearing beams are situated. It is best to at least consult with a professional builder or engineer before you go taking a sledgehammer to the wall!
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Soulful said...

hmm.. i'll think about that when i got my own car, :D

ARMAN said...

He saya ga punya mobil jadi ga ada garasinya dah hehe but nice share mba buat orang-orang yang berpunya...thanks

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