Mar 22, 2012

Securing your Brisbane Home’s Windows from Break-Ins

Windows provide character and light to rooms in your Brisbane house. A house without windows would not be a welcoming or pleasant place at all, but the downside is that these holes can easily become holes in our home security. Everyone knows someone who has had their house burgled and often times this takes place through an unlocked or unsecure window. Brisbane security doors are usually installed with no questions asked, but how often do you wonder how secure your windows are from burglars?
To secure your home from burglars it is imperative to either secure your existing windows or replace your existing windows.

Securing Windows
· Replace all latches and bolts with key locks. Key locks are more secure because they will remain closed even if the burglar is able to reach their hand to the latch. It is important to always keep these latches secured and locked. It is also vital to keep the keys out of the locks because otherwise the practice is pointless. Remember to tell people in the house where the keys are so that they can use the windows to escape in the event of a fire.
· Strengthen sliding windows by blocking the track. Sliding windows and doors can often times be forced out of their runners and this is a common method of entering a property. This works by ‘jiggling’ the door or window out of its housing so it is important to stop this movement. This can be stopped by using screws in the top and bottom of the window frame, which just allow the window to pass. Alternatively, a piece of wood or metal placed in the runner’s path will prevent the door from moving.
· Basement windows and windows out of sight of the road are often neglected. Remember that burglars will target the less conspicuous windows first and foremost so those should receive your most immediate attention.
Brisbane blind installation will serve to create a level of privacy within your home. Having everything that you own on display from the window will only serve to tempt burglars into your home. The installation of blinds will help to discourage burglars because they will not be able to see if you are home or if there are goods worth stealing inside.

Replacing Windows
· Installing Crimsafe on your windows is one of the best ways to ensure continuous safety. Crimsafe is a mesh which covers the window from the outside, allowing you to leave your window open as much as you like. This is perfectly suited to the hot weather in Brisbane and will provide you with a constant piece of mind.
· Reinforced glass will help to protect your home from forced entry. Generally it is the locks that are broken rather than the glass, however. This makes it far more sensible to invest in completely new windows which have both reinforced glass and solid locks.
· Shutters are an excellent way to keep criminals out of your home. They both block the view into your property and create an almost impenetrable fence to keep burglars away. Shutters are one of the best deterrents for burglars because they completely lock down the property making it hard to escape as well as enter.
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