Mar 23, 2012

Steps to Getting Into Your Dream Home in Victoria

Planning to buy your dream home can be a daunting task, especially if you are looking for that perfect home in which you will spend the rest of your days. If you are planning on moving to your dream location in Victoria, whether you are coming from outside or within the state, there is a lot to do to get the ball rolling. Remember that to avoid stress you must be patient and follow all the steps, and you will be relaxing in your dream home before you know it.

Step 1 – Look at Your FinancesThis is the boring and tedious part, but it is essential to do before you can even think about buying a new home. Talking to your financial advisor and your bank about what assets you have and what kind of mortgage you can get will help put into perspective what you can afford. This is the stressful part because if you simply don't have the funds to afford what you want, you may have to put things on hold. It is worthwhile to take this part seriously; you don't want to settle for second best and regret it later.

Step 2 – Find the Perfect Location
When the finances are in order, you can start looking around in your preferred location. If you are moving to Victoria from out of state, why not have your next holiday in the area? This way you will get a feel for the lifestyle and will be able to check out properties in the area. Get in touch with a local real estate agent and build a good relationship so that they can forward ideas to you when you aren't there.

Step 3 – Getting the Perfect Home
Once you have found the perfect property, consider what house you want to have on it before you go putting in offers. From here, you may want to reassess your finances given the new circumstances. If there is a home on the property already, decide if it suits your needs and how much it would cost you to either renovate or knock down and rebuild it. If you choose to start from scratch, then contact some builders and have them discuss with you some plans given the specifications you want in your home. They can provide a ball-pack figure and help you choose from and adjust a pre-existing plan or
kit homes. Victoria has many skilled and reputable builders to choose from, so shop around and find one who will suit your needs best.

Step 4 – Sell Your Existing Home
Once you have put in an offer and had that offer accepted, only then is it a good time to sell your existing home. It may take a bit of organising to juggle the transition period so get your real estate agent to help organise the details while you work on the packing!

Step 5 – Move InYour dream home is no longer a dream – it's yours! After all the hard work you have put in up to this point, you are finally about to reap the rewards. All that is left to do is hire the interstate removalists to make sure your precious belongings make it safely from your old home to your new dream home.

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