Mar 10, 2012

How to Choose the Best Flower Arrangement for Your Home

There is a lot to consider when looking for the best floral arrangements for your home. Flowers as decorations are very effective at setting the mood of your choice in any room, so you will want to decide what that mood should be before you get your flowers. There are limitless combinations to the arrangements you can have, so it’s always good to play around with different varieties of flowers, vases and ways of presenting them. The following are some tips for choosing the best flower arrangement for your home.


Where you decide to place your flowers in your home can really change the tone of a room. Displaying them as a centrepiece on a kitchen or coffee table will immediately attract the attention of guests, whereas flowers on bookshelves or in sconces on the wall will make a great addition to your home’s ambiance without taking centre stage. Bouquets in the bedroom, as opposed to more public areas such as kitchens or living rooms, can help create a sense of intimacy and comfort. Of course, the mood also depends a lot on the type of flowers you choose for the arrangement.

Type of Flowers
You can choose different varieties of flowers depending on what feeling you want to create in your home. Sunny flowers such as daisies, tulips, carnations and sunflowers will make your space look bright, vivacious and inviting. For a more modern and classy look, you can choose orchids, lilies, baby’s breath or roses instead, or simply make an arrangement out of all white or light coloured flowers. You can also create warmth in the bedroom by choosing deep, rich colours of red, blue or purple, such as violets, lilacs, bluebells, irises, carnations or hydrangeas.


Your floral arrangements should change with the seasons. Different seasons set different moods and your interior decorating should complement these moods. In the winter and autumn, use rich-coloured flowers that are deep shades of red, orange and gold. This will bring the much-needed warmth into your home during the cooler seasons, and will create a cosy atmosphere that will make you want to snuggle up with some hot tea and a good book. In the spring and summer, use vibrant colours and light shades, and better yet, mix many colours together in one bouquet. Lots of yellows, pinks, oranges and pastels should be used. This will give bounce to the ambiance of your home and inject feelings of excitement, anticipation and new beginnings that these seasons embody.

Events and Holidays

Depending on the festivities, flowers can go a long way in setting the mood for any holiday or event that you are planning in your home. For formal events such as dinner parties, use elegant flowers such as calla lilies to set the mood. For a touch of style, you can use pretty much any flower standing alone in a classy vase. A single orchid bloom floating in water in a small crystal bowl will add a classy edge. Holidays such as Christmas always call for a festive touch when it comes to home decorating, and a beautiful poinsettia is sure to do the trick. 
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