Mar 27, 2012

Home or Away – Where to Holiday

In the current economic climate, people are thinking twice about going on holiday. For many it is an unaffordable option at the moment, but there are ways in which you can access the holiday opportunities available to you without blowing all your earnings. Even if you do not want to, or cannot afford to, go abroad for a holiday, there are still plenty of ways to take a well-deserved break from work and the responsibilities of home without leaving the country. This article considers some of the sensible places to holiday and ways to make savings to reduce the costs:

Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia may be a fairly long way from Australia but flights are relatively cheap and the cost of living and enjoying yourself there is very low compared to other holiday destinations. A trip to one of the many fantastic
Malaysia resorts on offer will give you a chance to experience a new country with a very clean environment, at a relatively low cost. With many outside activities to take part in, this is a great way to stay healthy and experience a new culture.

Flights to Europe are outrageously expensive, but now is a good time to travel there. The high level of the Australian dollar against the pound and the euro means that you will get more bang for your buck. If you have been planning to go to Europe for some time, now is a great chance to take that opportunity. If you can afford the flights then it really is worth it and your holiday could consist of as many countries as you can handle in your time off!

A trip to Uluru is a way to make a holiday in Australia exciting without spending an obscene amount. Australia is a wonderfully bountiful country and Uluru is a mind-blowing reminder of the country’s history. Originally a sedimentary collection at the bottom of a giant ocean, Uluru spans 5 kilometres around and is phenomenal sight. It is also significant in Aboriginal culture and was believed by some Aboriginal tribes to have been a lake which rose up in protest against a battle being waged along its shores.

A trip to Melbourne will offer you wonderful new experiences of Australia. Melbourne is a remarkably modern city with lots of fantastic restaurants to choose from. Some of these require long booking notice so be sure to check this out before you go, if you want to eat in the top restaurants. A visit to Melbourne should also be combined with a
Great Ocean Road tour. The Great Ocean Road stretches along the most beautiful coastline in Australia and is also a symbol of remembrance for those who died fighting for Australia in the First World War.

There is little that needs to be said about Sydney, the world-famous Australian city. It is a vibrant and symbolic city which is viewed by many as the heart of Australia. There will never be a shortage of things to do in Sydney and you can fill your time with anything from trips to the zoo to out-of-town excursions into the surrounding mountains. 

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