Mar 17, 2012

How to Beat the Aussie Sun at Home

If you’ve ever lived on the Australian coast or anywhere close, you’ll know the story- fabulous place, but the climate has its own ideas. Fierce sun, wind and sudden changes, usually when you least expect them. Australians love the coastal zone, but it’s always been a battle. The new approach is based on new technology like retractable awnings, sunscreen blinds, external blinds and other smart, tough ways of dealing with the coastal weather.

The secrets of the new screens and awnings are simple, but very effective. They’re a new type of blinds, made to deal with very tough conditions. They’ve become essentials for managing home environments, because they’re so reliable. They’ve made major inroads on the extremely fussy upmarket housing market, providing solutions to real problems very simply and very efficiently.

The truth is that the new blinds and screens are very different from their predecessors. If you remember the horrible, expensive and largely useless “blinds” of the past, you’ll also remember why people preferred the old Venetians. The old blinds were just plain old canvas. They didn’t manage light much at all. They also had very short product lives, and they didn’t last too long in the tough coastal environment. They were more like tents than anything else, and they did nothing or less to manage temperature.

The new blinds are designed to stop light and block heat. That’s very important, because the heat transfer from the old blinds was their greatest weakness. Heat would still build up inside, and the blinds actually blocked the trapped heat getting out, like insulation. If you’re getting direct heat from an Australian summer sun at full blast, that’s not a great result.

If the heat doesn’t get in the first place, you don’t have that problem. The new blinds block the light as well, preventing bleaching by the sun, which can save you a lot in fabric covers and carpets over time. In the coastal zone, the weather impact can be severe.

Environmental management with screens, blinds and awnings

The salt air is another factor, and the old blinds really weren’t designed to manage that. They were basically “eaten” by the salt. The new blinds are all-terrain things, and they do the job simply, with no fuss. They’re also fully customizable, so whether you’ve got a beachfront mansion or a bungalow, you can get the right mix of blinds tailor-made.

That’s turned out to be a win-win for consumers. They can get the sort of specialist treatment they need for their homes and get full protection from the beautiful but unpredictable environment. For new homes, the external blinds have become an essential. They can cover the big window spaces effortlessly, and there’s a range of adjustable options for managing lighting and getting the optimal benefits of big windows while managing the climate issues.

If you’re looking for the right mix of environmental management, design and a simple way of managing your coastal home’s many moods, these blinds, screens and awnings are the quick way. Check out what you can do, and you’ll love them.
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