Mar 21, 2012

Kitchen Makeover Step by Step

If you’re a home-lover or an aspiring chef, the kitchen is probably one of your favourite spots in the whole house. Yet we can’t all have our ideal kitchen, with the latest LG fridges and state-of-the-art cookery facilities. Or can we?

If you’ve decided that it’s time to give your kitchen that much-needed makeover, but you don’t have the funds to renovate it fully, here are a few step-by-step upgrades that could help with your transformation.


When it comes to making over your kitchen, it’s important that you decide what type of look you want. Are you are a shiny, silver, modern type of person? Or do you prefer something more homely and country-style? Deciding on the style and design will determine many of your makeover choices.

Built-in Appliances

A good place to start is with your built-in appliances. If you have an older-style oven or stove that’s a little unreliable, could you invest in a newer model? This will make things easier for you in a practical sense and will also greatly enhance the look of your kitchen. Don’t forget you could upgrade your dishwasher too! Or install one if you haven’t got one. If you’re keen on creating a more modern look, go for stainless steel.

Built-in Accessories

If you’re set with appliances or if you don’t quite have the money yet, how about making over some of your built-in ‘accessories’, like range hoods, lights, taps and faucets? This is an inexpensive way of giving small ‘lifts’ to your kitchen. You can easily hire an
electrician or handyman to help you.

Other Appliances

If you’ve got the funds, could you transform you kitchen with a new fridge or microwave? Or how about simply a toaster and kettle? Upgrading these smaller appliances can make your kitchen feel much newer. If you don’t see the need to change these, you can also add to your kitchen collection; invest in a juicer, Breville-maker, coffee machine, blender or vegetable chopper to give some more ‘oomph’ to your appliances.


Is your furniture detracting from your entire kitchen? If so, it might be time for a change. Could you purchase newer furniture that’s within your budget? Or, if you’re going for a rustic look, could you purchase second-hand furniture and scrub it up with a bit of paint or polish? A brand-new wooden table can make a big difference to a kitchen. If your budget is really tight, how about simple changes, like a new tablecloth and some cushions? Or if you’ve got the space and the funds, could you consider getting a kitchen island and some bar stools?

Cupboards & Shelving

There’s nothing more annoying than a lack of cupboard and shelving space in a kitchen. If installing extra cupboards or shelving is not an option, could you divide cupboards horizontally to create extra shelves? How about installing some floating shelves on your walls, where you’ve got extra space?

If your cupboards are already big – do they need a makeover? Perhaps a paint job and some new handles? This can greatly change the design of your kitchen space and gives you the chance to design a whole new look and feel.

Painting & Flooring

Painting and re-flooring your kitchen are two of the biggest jobs when making it over, but they can make the most difference. Painting is easy and can allow you to create a lighter, brighter space or add some colour to your room.

If you’re keen to re-floor, options like polished concrete, hardwood or epoxy can help create a very modern look. Alternatively, bamboo, laminate, tiles or carpet could create a more ‘homely’ or country-style look.

Techno Gadgets

If your home is particularly modern (or even if it isn’t!) techno gadgets can make all the difference to your kitchen experience. Could you install a TV on the wall for when you’re watching cooking shows? Or even mount an iPad on the wall so you can look up recipes? How about a voice-timer instead of using the microwave? Depending on how tech-savvy you are, the possibilities are endless!
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Yen said...

I would love to have my own house that designs will match my personality :)
thank you for sharing such a good article.

Handmade Bespoke Kitchens said...

I spend my most of the time in kitchen since I’m a house wife having 3 children. Recently we have remodeled our kitchen, as you posted we installed floating shelves on our kitchen walls, it looks so perfect and unique. Techno gadgets are bit difficult for me but I’ll try in the future.

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