Jan 24, 2015

Take Advantage on Granite Benchtops & Make Your Place Fabulous - Read These 6 Tips

Its availability in wide range of colours and styles make its prominent choice of many people around the world. The beautiful mottled and grainy structure makes the whole ambience welcoming. It proves as an economical option because it is heat, stain, scratch and also impact resistant. However, there are also low quality granite benchtops available in the market and there are high chances of fraud companies trying to sell you the low quality ones. Mentioned below are some tips that will help you to make the best decision for having the best Granite Benchtops and not get fooled with the sweet talk of the sellers.

Slabs or tiles
Proper planning is important, and your first decision should be whether to buy a granite slab or a granite tile. The granite slab is taken out from a huge block of granite and it has the same colour pattern throughout the whole piece. When we compare it with the tiles it is little expensive but it requires less maintenance. On the other hand various pieces are crafted together to form the tiles. Cost wise these are less expensive but the maintenance is more with this type of granite because it needs frequent cleaning.

The granite pattern
Once you are clear about the difference between the slabs and the tiles, you need to be careful about another important aspect. And, that is to consider their pattern. All granite has different patterns and you do not want to mix that. If you get same colour pieces but with the different pattern then the setting might look ugly. So always insist on getting the same pattern.

Polishing is something that adds the touch of beauty to almost anything. The polishing on the granite benchtops gives them a mirror like quality. When trying to figure out the polishing, you need to touch and feel the granite top, and ensure that it feels smooth. If you feel rough edges then it may be low quality polishing. If you find that the quality is not up to the mark it is best to leave that store and try somewhere else.

Proper sealing
This aspect offer protection from scratches, spills and the stains. Your granite surface will still look good if you spill anything on the surface. A good sealing is something that will at least last a decade. One the other hand lighter granite may require the sealing at an early stage.

With so many sellers available in the market, you may find it difficult to get hold of a genuine seller. So the best thing to do in this regard is to conduct market research. There are also companies that offer you installation service along with their warranty for the product. As far as possible go for these kind of services because investing in granite benchtops is one time. While doing research make sure what other people have to say about the seller, check their reputation in the market. If you are going for any online store then carefully check the reviews by the other buyers. This will help you to come to a conclusion about the seller.

Cost is a major concern and so the best thing that you can do is to ask various sellers for their quotes. The quotes from these sellers will help you to compare their product and the price for the same. When you are doing this never think that lowest is the best, because it could also mean that the product is of low quality. While comparing the cost take note that you do not only compare the cost by also the services that the seller is offering and then go for a reasonable seller.

Above mentioned details help you to how to make your place more amazing & enhancing entrance. Do You Want to know additional details then click here now!

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