Jan 6, 2015

Troubleshooting Some of the Most Common Garage Door Problems

Does your garage door produce annoying squeaks?
Like any other area in the house, your garage door requires regular upkeep to keep it performing at its best. 

Otherwise, you might be in for some unpleasant surprise. 

If it malfunctions, not only will you become an easy prey to intruders, but you can also end up spending a significant amount on costly repairs and replacements. 

Adequately secure your property and keep costly expenditures at bay by keeping in mind the following garage door troubleshooting basics

Operator does not run from wall control
         -Check your power source.
         -Plug a lamp into the outlet.
 A working lamp indicates a functioning power source. If it does not work however, your need to check your fuse and circuit breaker next.
Also, once you have established your power source is fine, inspect connections at power head terminals and at wall control.
    -  Inspect if there are any broken wires.
    -See to it that vacation lock on the wall console is unlocked.

System  suddenly starts on its own
    -   Check remote control as it might be stolen or lost. Either way, it is recommended that all control codes needs to be deleted and reprogrammed.
    -   Inspect “close” limit switch setting.
    -  Check wires to validate if they are shorted.
Black residue on the door’s exterior
These marks are attributed to the oil-coating on the torsion springs.
   - Washing annually is recommended to get rid of the unsightly residues.
Door fails to close all the way down and goes back to its open position
-      Inspect “contact reverse”.
    -      Check the door for binding.
    -      Inspect for any short wires.

Remote control does not work
    -      Check the batteries
If batteries are not the problem, you need to:
    -   Check the cables
    -   Clear the tracks
    -   Change the sensors

Door starts down but stops before it completely goes all the way down.
An object might be blocking your door’s photo eye sensors. It could also be due to a misaligned sensor.
    -     See to it that eye sensor is clean.
    -    Check if sensor needs replacement.

Noisy operation
    -   Ensure all fasteners are tightened.
    - Make sure springs, rollers and hinges are well lubricated.
    - See to it that the entire track where the door wheels run is free of debris and dirt.
    -  Run the door up and down a few times to check if issue has been resolved.
Operator works perfectly fine but door won’t budge
-      See to it that carriage is properly engaged to the carriage slide.
  -Make sure carriage lever is in locked position.
    -  Ensure chain is not off track.
    -  Inspect “force adjustment”.
Bottom of the door contains rust spots
These spots are most likely caused by salt used to melt winter ice.
   - Clean your garage door with water and soap to eliminate any debris present on the door’s exterior.

Knowing how to resolve some of the most common issues is as important as choosing the best type of garage doors for your home. Doing so will help ensure years of security and fuss-free usage.

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