Jan 23, 2015

Different Types of HVAC Systems

Heating, ventilation and cooling systems are some of the best things you can have in your home. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they also improve the quality of life for those living in your home. Just like many other things on the market, there is more than one type of HVAC systems. It might be a good idea to know the differences so that if you install one in your home or work building you will know which type is the best fit. Read further about the four main kinds of HVAC systems.

Hybrid Heat Split System
Hybrid Heat Split Systems are especially attractive because they are the most energy efficient options. While all HVAC systems have qualities that reflect energy efficiency, the Hybrid Heat systems are top of the line for being green. There is a heat pump included in the system that provides the opportunity of electricity-fueled air conditioning and heating in addition to furnace-supported heat. A Hybrid Heat Split System that is cost effective will include a heat pump, furnace, ducts, evaporator coils to convert refrigerant and control of the thermostat to manage the temperatures inside the home. In addition to these features, you can also customize your system by adding air purifiers, humidifiers, ventilators, air cleaners and UV lamps as well.

Packaged Heating and Air Conditioning System
Packaged Heating and Air Conditioning Systems are ideal for homes or offices that do not have the space to accommodate split systems. They function great for one room studios and even entire homes all in one set up, and this can be pretty helpful if you have a larger home that needs many spaces heated and cooled. A typical package for this kind of system includes a heat pump or air conditioner coupled with a fan coil, a thermostat or control to manage the structure’s temperature and optional indoor air quality accessories. Some of the extras that can be put into this system also include air purifiers, UV lamps, ventilators, air cleaners and humidifiers.

Duct-Free Split Heating and Air Conditioning System
Not all homes, buildings and inhabited structures can use a system with conventional ducts, and that is when this kind of HVAC comes in handy. These systems are put together with a bunch of things in one package such as a heat pump or air conditioner, a compact foil coil, control or thermostat to regulate the temperature and a variety of air quality accessories such as an air purifier, UV lamps or ventilators.

Traditional Heating and Air Conditioning Split System
Lastly, there is the Traditional Heating and Air Conditioning Split system as the fourth option for getting a HVAC system installed inside your home. This system involves using an innovative carrier split system that uses units both inside and outside your home for heating and cooling purposes. In the typical heating and air conditioning split system package you are often given a number of things in one. These things include an air conditioner, ducts to circulate the air, a furnace and evaporator coil and also a control or thermostat. Like all other HVAC options, there are accessories that are available for purchase to enhance your domestic heating and cooling experience such as UP lamps, ventilators, humidifiers, air cleaners and air purifiers.

Written by Ashley Hansen of Wayne’s Heating & Cooling in Moberly, MO who is the go to company for HVAC service!

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