Jan 5, 2015

How to Decorate the Most Romantic Bedroom for Newlyweds

So, you just got married and you and your wife/husband are about to move into a new apartment/house or you are redecorating the one you already lived in. You are having so much fun and you are having the best possible decorating experience ever. You have reached the most crucial step in decorating you new place and that is the bedroom. It is the room that is meant for relaxation, enjoyment and sleep and you need to make it as romantic as possible. So, how do you do it?

Coming up with the color scheme
Color is crucial for any space, bedroom included and you need to be extra careful when choosing the color scheme for your new favorite place in the world. Our suggestion would be to go with calmer colors and nothing too bright. Of course, if you want a sleeker, more relaxing look, you can always go with some darker tones, but you need to be careful if your bedroom is too small. Such colors might drown the room and make it look much smaller than it actually is. Also, keep in mind that you will have to coordinate the colors of the walls with your sheets.

The bed
The bed is going to be the main feature of your newlywed bedroom, no matter how you cut it. Depending on your preferences, the amount of space that you have and your budget, you will choose the size of your bed. It needs to be comfortable, but there is really no need to go overboard and purchase something that Elvis would have chosen for himself. It is far more important that the bed is of great quality and that the mattress is ergonomic and modern.

TV or no TV?
One of the most burning issues in every bedroom, especially one that belongs to a freshly married couple is the TV and other tech gadgets and accessories. Most people would suggest and recommend that you do not put anything of such kind in your bedroom and it is easy to see their point of view. You are supposed to relax and enjoy the time together in the bedroom and not watch TV. Also, absence of electronics is beneficial for the sleep. On the other hand, if you and your partner love a bit of TV before sleep, why would you deprive yourself of such pleasure?

Small details that will tie the room together
Once you have dealt with the major parts of the bedroom d├ęcor, it is time to start thinking about small details that will truly make your room your own and romantic. For instance, you can think about putting in a small area rug that will keep the room warmer or a place where you will keep candles for those extra romantic evenings and nights. You can also think about approaching a professional plastering service for some special decorative work which can be very romantic. You can also put up your favorite paintings or framed photos from the wedding, something like that.

Closing word
In the end, it is all up to you and your new spouse. This is your room in more sense of the word than one and you need to decorate it together. Compromise and you will soon have the favorite part of the entire world right there in your apartment/house. 

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