Jan 24, 2015

6 Quick Ways to Revamp Your Home

Whether you want to completely redo a bedroom or simply make space for your favorite fleur de lis home decor, these design hacks won’t take you longer than a weekend to complete.
fleur de lis home decor 
1. Display an eclectic collection on your dining room table. Mix and match different items in the same color scheme or similar items in a broad color scheme. Just make sure there’s some connected motif to bring the whole display together - otherwise it’ll look like you just threw random junk on the table!

2. Before you chuck an old piece of furniture, slap a new coat of paint on it - it’ll look brand new and you’ll forget that you were going to throw it out once upon a time.

3. Love the idea of a gallery wall but don’t like displaying photographs at home? Create a gallery wall out of plates! You can get a ton at your local dollar store and then hang them up for an interesting display in your kitchen or eating area.

4. Most people don’t focus their decorating efforts on the hallway. Quickly breathe life into a dull hallway with a colorful runner.

5. Pull seating into the middle of the room, away from the walls, to create a more intimate setting and give the room a modern aesthetic.

Home improvement and decor projects don’t need to take weeks to complete - some of them don’t even require power tools! Small changes can make a big difference.

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