Jan 23, 2015

5 Simple Home Decorating Tips for Summer

Whether you're someone who likes to do a lot of entertaining during the summer or you simply want to do some minor remodeling as the warm weather approaches, this article has a few helpful suggestions that you may want to consider. Over the course of the next couple of minutes, you're going to get some fun and affordable tips for how you can decorate your home just before the summer season arrives.

Change your window treatments. If you happen to live in an area that tends to have some pretty brutal winters, you may have thermal curtains up. Now that summer is on its way, how about changing your window treatments? Curtains that are made out of organic cotton or silk, Roman blinds or light-colored blinds are all nice touches. You can even have your windows professionally tinted so that you can leave your treatments open without worrying that people on the outside can see in.

Rearrange your furniture. Do you have a fireplace? If so, there's a pretty good chance that your furniture is situated in such a way that the fireplace is the room's centerpiece. During the summer, rearrange your furniture in such a way that your windows are the focal point. It's a small thing that can make a really big difference.

Recycle a piece of furniture. Even if you can't afford to totally renovate your living room, you can always upcycle a piece of furniture that you already own. If you're not familiar with the term, it's basically taking something that is old or used and upgrading it to something better. As it specifically relates to furniture, you can always reupholster a dark-colored chair or ottoman. Or you can strip a wooden coffee table and then paint it a light color. For tips on how to reupholster furniture, visit Mother Earth News, Instructables, or BHG and put "reupholster furniture" in the search field. For tips on how to paint wooden furniture, visit The Frugal Girl and put "how to paint wooden furniture" in the search field.

Accent with lighter and brighter hues. If you're someone who enjoys walking through furniture stores like Stash Home to get some interior design ideas, when it comes to summer layouts, you may have noticed one particular thing: lighter and color hues. This is not only the case when it comes to major pieces like sofas and love seats, but accessories such as throw pillows, light fixtures, and art pieces, as well. If you're curious to know what some of the best summer colors are, visit HGTV and put "summer colors and how to use them" in the search field.

Add some plants. Something that offers a truly topical feeling while also improving the air quality inside of your home are plants. The other awesome thing about this recommendation is that they are very affordable and can make your house feel extremely inviting. So what are some of the best houseplants? Plants that go on top of the list include the Spider plant, the Gerber Daisy, and the Golden pothos. If a part of you is hesitant about adding a couple of plants simply because you don't consider yourself to have a green thumb, that's OK. There are websites to walk you through how to properly care for indoor plants. One of them is Gardeners. Go to the site and put "caring for indoor plants" in the search field. For a list of other indoor plants that you may want to incorporate into your summertime decor, visit MNN and put "houseplants for improving indoor air quality" in the search field.

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