Jan 24, 2015

Green Rug Cleaners

I visited a female friend’s home last weekend since I wanted to help preparing her kid’s birthday party next month.  Her son is a cute 9 year aged boy, unfortunately the boy suffers from dust allergy. He’s very active as well – likes to run here and there around the living room- that’s why her mother chose carpet flooring for their living room.   Carpet not only provides comfy feeling on feet and warm ambiance, this flooring option also offers safer floor surface that may protect active kids when they fall.

Since her son is allergic to dust, my friend keeps clean her living room carpet. She vacuums frequently to get rid of dirt and dust on the fibers of carpet. But it seems that this domestically carpet cleaning method wasn’t enough as the boy still sneezed repeatedly while playing on the carpet. It’s a sign that there are dirt and dust trapped deeply in the carpet fibers!
Rug cleaners Brooklyn

I suggested my friend to hire expert rug cleaners as they have proper skills and equipments to clean any carpet and rug thoroughly. She had never used before a carpet cleaning service as she’s afraid of applied chemical cleaning products that may endanger the health of her loved ones.  

Glad I could help her; I told her that she’s able to rely on the safe green carpet cleaning solution that offers by experienced professional cleaners like Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn.  Say goodbye to all worries as the reliable green rug cleaners offer risk-free cleaning products and efficient cleaning system at affordable rates.  I just received her call; she said that after hiring rug cleaners Brooklyn, her son doesn’t sneeze anymore. Her living room carpet smells fresh and looks like new again. That’s really good news.

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