Jan 14, 2015

Choosing the Right Crane Can Make a Difference In Construction

ProservCrane Gantry Cranes
Given the wide variety of construction types such as highway, buildings, bridges, schools and others, it makes sense to have the right crane for the project. Choosing a crane that is too small or not rated for the weight being lifted will result in disaster. Too large a crane might not fit in the site, or be unsafe to move materials about.

There are different types of cranes for overhead lifting. These include single and double girder bridge cranes, freestanding cranes and jib cranes. Each has its own particular uses in construction and manufacturing, as well as a host of accessories that enable specialized work.

Instead of trying to lease, rent or purchase cranes from multiple suppliers, it makes better business sense to use a single supplier. An example of a company that provides a variety of cranes is
ProservCrane. The company lists multiple types of cranes as well as parts and accessories for each. Representatives are available to help businesses choose the right crane for the right job.

They also provide customer service and technical support online or via an 800 number that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All parts and equipment conform to CMAA standards. Specialized and custom designs are also available. The company supplies, builds, services and repairs their cranes. This is especially helpful, as broken parts or non-working cranes can hamper a business. No manufacturer can afford to wait for service or parts, so choosing the right supplier is essential for a successful business.

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