Dec 5, 2014

Do Property Buyers Who Claim ‘We Buy Any Home’ Live Up To Their Promise?

When they face the need to sell their house fast, homeowners in the UK might not believe that there are reliable cash buyers out there who will buy your house from you direct for a competitive price. After all, how true can a company that claims ‘we buy any home’ be to their promise? Thankfully, these property buyers in the UK are. Property buyers are companies like Local Property Buyers who are not real estate agents. That is to say, they are not middlemen who try to find someone to buy your property. The property is directly purchased from the homeowner by the property buyers as quickly and hassle free as possible.

For any homeowner selling a property within 7 days through real estate agents is an impossible task. This is because the traditional process that real estate agents follow is a time consuming one. First, they will value your property, usually at a higher than market value price in order to encourage you to enlist their services. Or if they deem your property to be in a less than saleable condition they may suggest that you make it as attractive as possible by renovating or redecorating for a prospective buyer. This is a tough process any time, especially when you do not have that much of time or cash in hand. More so, with the real estate market in a constant state of flux even real estate agents will try to buy as much time as possible from you to sell the property. In such situations, homeowners can become confused and disillusioned with the entire buying and selling process.

With direct home buyers in the picture, the entire process is transparent and completely hassle free. They are ones who will live up to their claim ‘we buy any home. Yes, there are companies like Local Property Buyers who purchase any home and in any condition. If they find your property to be worth purchasing, then they will close the deal, no matter what unless you decide to opt out. What is more, they will not only bypass a lot of the extra time and effort involved in the traditional selling process but they will buy the property with cash.

Property buyers will offer a competitive price for your home and help you move on with your life. Homeowners do not have to worry about the offer as they conduct free valuations of the property and the offer they make is a no-obligation offer which is made within 48 hours of getting the details of the property. This means that the property owner is not forced to accept the price that is being offered. If it is not good enough for the homeowner, then they can move on. But there is more, With property buyers like Local Property Buyers buying the house, you can be rest assured that you don’t have to pay any legal fees. There are no hidden charges and no complexity of paperwork.

With Local Property Buyers, this can be the most stress free property sale that you might ever experience.

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