Dec 18, 2014

Details on Residential Lighting and the Classification of Different Lamp

Lighting makes us have normal activity in the night. It equals to the eye of people in the night. Residential lighting is divided into general lighting, local lighting and accent lighting. The category of lamp is diversified. They have different function and use in residential lighting design. If you want to look into it, let’s go to the point:

General lighting
General lighting provides basic lighting for our home. It uniforms the lighting distribution in our home. General lighting suits for space without fixed working area or space requiring uniform lighting for every corner, such as office, living room, and classroom. Light fixture like chandelier, troffer is used to provide general lighting.

Local lighting
Local lighting provides lighting to particular position, such as wall gallery, accent wall, show cabinet, desk top etc. The purpose of local lighting is to attract people’s attention to particular area and extrude the beauty of the stressed part. Floor lamp, recessed lamp, wall lamp and table lamp is often used to provide local lighting.If you want to have beautiful wall decoration to show your guest, then you can check kid’s wall decal decoration ideas here.

Accent lighting
Accent lighting is lighting method consisting of general lighting and local lighting. It is designed for ensuring good visual condition. Good mixed lighting can increase the illuminance of particular area, decrease the shadow and light spot on the object. Accent lighting is often used in dining room, living room.

Classification of different lamp

1 chandelier
Chandelier is divided into single-head chandelier and multiple-head chandelier. Single-head chandelier is mainly used in bedroom and dining room. Multiple-head chandelier is popular in living room. The distance between the lowest point of chandelier to floor should not less than 2.2 meters. Do not choose chandelier with electroplated layer. The lamp will fade in the future. Chandelier with same material in interior and exterior is the best choice. Duplex apartment suits for chandelier with luxury design and common house usually uses simple designed lamp.

2 floor lamp
Floor lamp is often used as local lighting in home lighting design. It is good to adjust the atmosphere in corner. The lighting way of floor lamp is flexible. Downward lighting suits for activity need to concentrate. Direct lighting of floor lamp can adjust the light ray and create space atmosphere. The lower part of floor lamp is better to have at least 1.8 m interval to the floor. The material, pattern, style and color of floor lamp are totally decided by personal preference.

3 recessed lamp
Recessed lamp is divided into tube lamp and ceiling lamp. Space-saving and relieving the space oppressing sensation are the merit of recessed lamp. It is often used in low space like bathroom. It can be used as general lighting and accent lighting.

4 wall lamp
Wall lamp has wide application and creative design. It is d├ęcor in the day time and lamp in the night. It combines functionality and decoration together. Bedroom and bathroom are spaces people often use it in. The bulb of wall lamp should be no less than 1.8 m.

5 troffer
Troffer is often matched with suspended ceiling in home lighting design. Convenient to install and soft light is the feature of troffer. It can remodel the rough sketch of space and add stereoscopic impression by the light and shadow.

6 table lamp
Table lamp is the essential element for home lighting design. It is divided into decorative table lamp, work table lamp and eyesight protection table lamp. Decorative table lamp often appeared in living room, bedroom. Eyesight protection table lamp is common in home office. Decoration effect matters more for table lamp because its lighting function is replaced by other lamps.Check DIY cup lighting idea here.

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