Dec 5, 2014

Getting Cheap Home Decoration Items at Lamido Indonesia

The growth of Indonesian e-commerce market turns out to be one of the largest in the Asia Pacific region. Although the internet users ever go shopping online only about 7% of the 30% of Indonesia's population who are active internet users; the data from Menkoinfo stated that the value of e-commerce transactions in 2013 could reach 130 trillion rupiahs. It’s obvious that Indonesian online market still has huge potency to be developed in the future. No wonder at all if there are many motivated e-commerce sites like C2C-based Lamido Indonesia entering the market to take benefit of this golden opportunity.

Increasing e-commerce market goes with the growing interest in online shopping of Indonesian people. According to the Mindshare research held in 33 countries, the research result mentioned that Indonesia ranks 13th of the digital media usage for online shopping.  Besides, there is also a fact in this country that the marketplace site or the Consumer to Consumer e-commerce type that allows anyone to buy and sell their goods in the internet develops rapidly while Lamido that belonged to Rocket Internet shows the most rapid growth.   

Many online shoppers are also homeowners who desire to have a wonderful, functional, and comfortable home that also reflects their personality.  Beautifying a home can be done in several ways; one common way is by decorating the interior of the house. When decorating any room in your home, you don’t need to be like a professional home interior designer. Just let your artistic sense and creativity lead your acts.
Kategori Dekorasi Rumah di Lamido
The issue that may arise is, can you create a stylish home while you’re in a limited budget? You probably have ever shopped online for getting groceries, outfits and electrical items. So, why don’t you consider shopping online for getting inexpensive home decoration items and other household appliances? Would it be a great idea?

When you’re in need of cheap decoration items to redecorate your home, find them online. You may start looking for required home stuffs at trusted e-commerce site that provides you with various offered items at best prices. Don’t need to search anymore; is the recommended marketplace site that offers user-friendly platform for both buyers and sellers to carry out easy and safe online transactions.  In the household appliances category, you’ll discover the collection of different home decoration items that you may need such as wall clocks, curtains and shades, wall hangings, mirrors, and cushions. This e-commerce site surely supports you to create a beautiful home without spending a fortune!

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