Dec 31, 2014

Banish Mosquitoes and Ticks from Your Yard

When you want to enjoy your garden, deck or pool area in the evenings, you could get a horde of uninvited guests. Mosquitoes know you’re sitting outside and make it a point to take advantage of you. You may not like the lotion that deters mosquitoes, and it isn’t really a solution. However, there are misting systems for mosquitoes that are a complete solution, so you can enjoy your outdoor time without uninvited guests.

What Is a Mister?

A misting system is designed to spray a fine mist of pesticides that will kill mosquitoes and other outdoor insects. The spray nozzles are mounted around the perimeter of the property in the landscaping or lawn, or may be installed on a section of fence or wall of the house or outbuilding. There are several different ways the systems can be controlled, including by remote control, by a timer and by an on and off switch.

What Pesticides Are Used?

There is a variety of chemicals that are used to kill mosquitoes, ticks and other pests. Some are all-natural, and kill the pest on contact for up to 14 days. The all-natural sprays contain essential oils that may add fragrance to your garden for a few hours after it has been applied. This type of pesticide breaks down more quickly than other types, which is why it needs to be applied every 14 days rather than the 21 days for regular pesticides. When mosquitoes feed on plant juices, the pesticides that remain on the leaves for two to three weeks will kill them.
Misting Systems for Mosquitoes
What You Can Expect

Misting systems are most often used for yards where continuous protection is needed. The systems:

• Release a 30-second spray two to four times per day
• Repel or kill ticks and mosquitoes in the treated areas
• Uses nylon tubing and nickel-plated, stainless-steel nozzles
• Are inconspicuous in the garden
• Will be filled and maintained by the technicians who installed them

No misting system can promise 100 percent removal of mosquitoes or ticks, but most people find that the number is greatly reduced, to the point that the pests are not even noticed for hours.

You don’t need to surrender the beauty and convenience of your backyard deck, pool area or kitchen because of pests. A misting system is a safe and effective way to control mosquitoes and ticks, so your backyard is open to you again.

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