Dec 23, 2014

Demand on Construction Engineers in Bangalore

Those looking to acquire a degree of construction engineer in India are making the right choice. According to the research by Dr. Kuppuswamy Anantha Narayanan, associate professor in the department of civil engineering at Indian Institute of technology, building engineering sector is regularly contributing 8% to GPD of the country and has already generated around 31 million jobs. For more information, take a look at this report:
Given the number of jobs building construction sector has already created and taking into account the projected growth for the industry (approximately 9% according to Dr. Kuppuswamy Anantha Narayanan’s report), construction professionals in India will not experience any serious challenges while searching for a job. In particular, educated construction professionals in Bangalore have plenty of employment opportunities in the present-day labor market.

It is common to search for construction jobs on specialized platforms – for instance, look for job openings on sites dedicated to a particularly large construction property. Yet, such an approach typically requires a lot of time, and, as it often happens, there is a quicker solution. For example, you can browse through a lot of great construction job opportunities by Jobtonic. This job posting platform offers you a wide selection of relevant construction jobs in the specified area. Among the advantages of the platform, one should note that it aggregates all job listings and offers job seekers to browse through them in one place. In addition, you have a chance to either narrow down or widen your job search parameters. You can look for jobs by title, location, experience, etc. This is an amazing opportunity for active applicants, who do not want to waste a lot of time but nevertheless want to stay informed about the latest postings in their field of expertise.

Speaking of construction jobs in Bangalore, one should note that the region is in need of highly educated engineering and management staff. So far, construction industry in the city is developing rapidly; and while there is little demand on low-skilled workers, plenty of construction companies are looking for qualified experienced engineers and site project managers.

Construction engineers are required on a wide range of projects, starting from residential construction and ending with an industrial one. In addition, qualified engineers are required on high-rise projects, pipeline construction, and in the heavy machinery sector. The requirements for each position will greatly depend on a particular industry segment. However, most employers prefer experienced candidates with at least 3 years of relevant experience in the area. The salary expectations may reach up to 375 thousand rs.

However, new graduates should not be put off by the fact that most employers are looking for experienced professionals. Given the lack of the latter ones in the region, construction market is open for trainee engineers, working under supervision. This can be a promising start to an excellent career, as most trainees are typically promoted in less than a year.

Regarding the position of a construction site project manager, the demand is even higher. Typically, the responsibilities of a construction manager presuppose site supervision and ensuring the overall safety of the newly-built construction property. Some companies will also request the implementation of SWAT-analysis, risk assessment, and logistic planning. In other words, apart a degree in construction area, expertise in managing and economics is also required. Previous experience is beneficial, yet by far not always necessary.

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