Dec 24, 2014

Adding a Pergola? 6 Stunning Ideas to Consider

If you are like many homeowners, chances are you are constantly in search of fun and creative ideas to make your outdoor space the ideal relaxation haven you have always envisioned it to be.

While undoubtedly challenging, it can be done.

The good news is you need not spend a fortune to make your property aesthetically appealing and cozy.

In fact, an addition as simple as a pergola would be enough to transform your exterior into the absolute relaxation sanctuary you have always wanted it to be.

Get your outdoor transformation off to a good start by keeping in mind the following basics.

1.   The Reading Room

The serenity and relaxing ambiance of the outdoors is deemed ideal by many bookworms.

If you love reading and the outdoors, this is something you should seriously consider.  To ensure your comfort, make it a priority to integrate a set of benches that will suit whatever reading position you might have in mind.

Throw in some pillows and you have the ideal reading place right in your very own home.

2.   The Enclosed Nook 

Have you always envisioned a place in your property where you can spend date nights and quality time with your significant other?

A pergola in your yard might just be what you need. To make the ambiance romantic, consider installing curtains or lattice panels.

Apart from being a creative way to add privacy, it is sure to take the romantic element up a notch.

3.   The Pergola-Deck

Are you looking for the ideal place where you can hold your parties and other important gatherings?

Use whatever space you have in your garden to your full advantage. Consider building a pergola that will use whatever space you have. Throw in gently arched beams and a freestanding deck into the mixture and you will have a space you can comfortably host your parties in.

Integrate some lattice fencing into the picture to complete the stunning look.  
4.   The Secret Garden

Wouldn’t it be exciting to find a mini garden in places where you least expect it?

If you need a secret place to get away from all the stress and be on your own, this is an idea you might find brilliant. Create your own private getaway right in the comfort of your very own property.

Install a pergola in your chosen secret garden and personalize the look of the place by adding elements that reflect both your taste and inclinations. Case in point, if you are a fan of the classics, adding retro furniture, container plants and tiny hanging lantern lights would be ideal.

5.   The Modern Dining Area

Do you want to take dining time to a whole new and exciting level?

Why not take advantage of whatever outdoor space you have and transform it into the consummate dining area? With a little ingenuity and a whole lot of creativity thrown in, you can easily accomplish the feat.

You can choose to go for the traditional or the contemporary feel, whichever suits your fancy. If you prefer the latter however, opt for modern fixtures to complete the avant-garde look.

6.   The Classic Pergola

Do you want a classic addition that will complement your property’s conventional theme?

Fortunately, you need not spend lavishly to pull this one off. Adding a traditional pergola will go a long way towards achieving the conventional feel you are after.

Have vines cover your pergola if you wish to bring about a more romantic, yet classic atmosphere.

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