Dec 30, 2014

Create a Classic Look with Stained Glass Lights

Stained glass is one of the few home decorations that never goes out of style. Though you might think of Tiffany when you think of stained glass, you can easily find more affordable pieces that look just like those more expensive ones. Choosing the right one lamp lets you add some new color and a fresh and classic style to your home.

Types of Lamps
Stained Glass Table Lamp
Stained glass lamps come in a variety of styles. A table lamp is a smaller lamp that is usually around one foot tall, though you can find shorter or taller lamps. Many table lamps feature a solid cast iron or metal base with the stained glass shade sitting on top. A floor lamp has a similar style but is usually much taller. These lamps look nice when placed behind a chair or couch. There are also stained glass fixtures available. These lamps have a shade with a bulb that sits inside and a metal chain that lets you hang it from the ceiling in your home.

How to Choose a Light

Choosing a new stained glass light for your home is easy. Just think about the style that you like and the colors that work best in your home. Some lamps feature neutral colors, while others come in brighter shades of red and green. When selecting a new light for your home, check out the
new stained glass items from Smashing Stained Glass and other sites before making your final decision.

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