Dec 10, 2014

5 Tips to Make a Small Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger!

The kitchen is a place where you spend a considerable part of the time when you're home. Whether you cook, eat, stay with family or stories you clean, the kitchen is an important room that can soon become too small. What can you do when your kitchen occupy a smaller space than you would tie required? Here are some ideas to make it appear larger, more beautiful and functional!

1. Transform your kitchen cabinets

A great way to create the illusion of more space in the kitchen is to replace some glass door cabinets. For the effect to be expected, it is important to be on the same wall cabinets. After you install glass doors (they can be completely made of glass or include small windows framed in wooden frames, for example), your kitchen will appear automatically open space and generous.
Source: DanStudioKuhinje

2. Rely on the beneficial effect of light

A well lit kitchen will seem more spacious. If natural light that enters through windows does not help too much, install additional lighting fixtures. Are ideal spots mounted under kitchen cupboards, above the bar etc. Also, painting in bright colors and choice of furniture, also in light shades will enhance visual space kitchen.

3. Invest in high kitchen cabinets

Your kitchen will seem more spacious and if you choose to invest in high kitchen cabinets. Thus, you give up the gap between cupboards and countertops, fixtures choosing furniture that rests directly on the countertop.

Ideal are cabinets that are equipped with small door at the top (closest to the ceiling) where you can store utensils and tools that you use only for special occasions. Such sharing will contribute further to the impression of spacious, high kitchen.

4. Give up unnecessary things

Once a year, proposes to give up your kitchen items that you no longer use or that you are bored to create extra space. On this occasion you can remove, for example, old chairs, too big and heavy, wide table can replace with a more narrow and can get rid of utensils, dishes, pots and even appliances that occupy your place, but you do not use them anymore.

5. Free up large drawers and use them for storage

An excellent idea to gain additional space in a small kitchen is to find clever storage solutions. Besides investing in metal bars that can hang pans and cooking utensils used frequently or creating shelving jars and boxes of spices, you can also use an effective idea: large drawers for storage.

You can create custom, inserting them into the kitchen furniture. Should include their interior compartments of different sizes in which you you can keep dishes, cutlery, utensils and other useful accessories in the kitchen. With their help, you'll get rid of clutter in cupboards, worktops and the sink area, so that your kitchen will seem larger and more airy.

Keep these 5 tips in mind and you will be able to completely transform your kitchen even if space seems way too small at first. Remember that most of the times creativity can make a big difference, so ensure to place everything as per your preferences.

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