Dec 19, 2014

What Are The Health Benefits Of Underfloor Heating?

Many people claim that swapping over to underfloor heating can actually be beneficial for your health, but do you understand in what ways? If you (or someone in your family) suffers from asthma or allergies you are often told to look into hydronic heating, but do you know why it helps? In this article, we have aimed to outline the health benefits associated with underfloor systems in the hopes it will help you reach a final decision.

Your family can breathe easy
One of the biggest benefits of installing underfloor heating is easily a reduction in respiratory problems for your family. Unlike traditional heating (which uses convection currents to warm the space), these systems get things toasty using radiation. Convection currents move in a circular motion; they will capture and redistribute dust particles as they go. These particles float freely through the air, which makes them far easier to breathe in.

Gently warming the space via radiation, however, will mean that there is far less air movement. This will lead to a reduction in the number of air particles being circulated and, in turn, will make us less likely to inhale them.

Fight the spread of dust mites
Another benefit of installing an underfloor system is that the amount of dust mites that could potentially be living in your home will be significantly reduced (in some cases by as much as 80%!). This is because your heating will lessen the amount of moisture in your carpets – and it is this moisture that the mites need to survive. Traditional systems often have very cool floor areas with raised levels of humidity, which the mites actually like.

Other associated health benefits
Whilst there are certainly other health benefits associated with underfloor heating, those who suffer from arthritis will see a few improvements. As we all know, the colder months can wreak havoc on our joints. There is also a belief that periods of low barometric pressure and high humidity can considerably worsen symptoms. Having direct contact with a constant heat source (such as hydronic systems) is said to help relieve some of this pain.

Safety concerns are also reduced
Whilst this is not directly a health issue, it is often pointed out that traditional systems can pose a real threat to safety. This is particularly true for the very young and the elderly. Radiators, for example, are known to become incredibly hot and there is a risk of burning if sufficient guarding is not in place. The burns sustained from contact with a radiator can be quite severe with the worst sufferers ending up in hospital for treatment.

We hope that the health benefits associated with underfloor heating are now a little clearer and that you can recognise why it might be a good idea to install such a system in your home. If you (or a loved one) suffer from asthma, allergies or arthritis, it is essential that you do everything in your power to lessen the symptoms and risks. After all, respiratory problems are especially something that should not be taken lightly.

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