Dec 4, 2014

Are Curved Pergola Designs More Difficult To Build Than Others?

Whilst curved pergola designs are one of the most sought out by homeowners, very few actually go ahead with building them because they are worried about the complexity and the cost. They also wonder whether this could lead to any other difficulties down the track. We feel it is important, then, to consider whether a curved design is more difficult to build than others and (if so) what run-on affects this will have for the pergola as a whole.

Are these designs more difficult?
In short, the answer is yes. When the rafters and roofing materials must be curved, there is always going to be an increased level of difficulty. It is important to note, however, that the material used will play a significant role in the difficulty involved. Timber, for example, is quite difficult to curve and many more rafters than what is required are often produced to account for mistakes. Steel and aluminium, on the other hand, are much easier to curve.

What does this mean for the construction?
Now that we have ascertained that curved pergola designs are, indeed, more difficult to build than others, many homeowners wonder what sorts of affects this will have on the construction as a whole.

  • Cost – The first area that will be affected is the overall cost of the pergola; an increased level of difficulty will equal an increase in cost. This is not only because additional rafters are often manufactured (just in case) but also because advanced processes are required to achieve the perfect shape. In some cases, these designs can cost hundreds of dollars more.
  • Time – The second area that will be affected is the overall schedule of the pergola construction; the time taken to produce curved rafters and roofing will mean that the whole project takes longer. Whilst most designs can be constructed in a single weekend (at the most), these ones can often take a few weeks from manufacture to completion.
  • Kits – The third area that will be affected is the lack of do-it-yourself kits available; the increased level of difficulty often means that everyday homeowners should not attempt to build them without professional assistance. Whilst some kits are available, they often recommend that a builder or carpenter handle the bulk of the construction work.
  • Waste – The fourth area that will be affected is the waste of damaged or additional materials. As mentioned above, extra rafters will often be manufactured to account for mistakes or breakages. What this means is that damaged rafters are simply thrown out and, more often than not, so are unneeded ones at the completion of the project.

Whilst curved pergola designs are certainly more difficult to build than others, we do not believe that this means you should completely disregard them. There can be no denying that a curved design is a highly attractive addition that will complement any home. The added cost and time are often not that significant that they become an immediate turn off. If you are considering a curved pergola, we wish you luck with the construction.

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