Dec 1, 2014

HVAC Maintenance Guide

A system as sophisticated and complex as an HVAC system needs a lot of care and attention. Some of the things that you must do are:
·         hiring a professional company to look after the HVAC system
·         designing the HVAC system really well and
·         having an HVAC maintenance guide to help you out.

Here are a few things that can go into an ideal HVAC maintenance checklist.

Regular cleaning

Your HVAC maintenance guide should have regular cleaning for areas such as condenser coils, grills and the various cables and ducts. Of course, you can also hire the services of a maintenance company for the same.


HVAC maintenance will also benefit greatly when you have a schedule for the same. This could be a daily, weekly, monthly or annual schedule for different components. For instance, it would be a good idea to clean ducts and keep them free of dust, contaminants and even mold everyday. Whereas components such as checking oil levels and lubricant levels can even be done once in a few months. A lot would depend on the complexity or size of your HVAC system. Your air filters may need to be changed quite often depending on the level of cleanliness of the ambient air around you.

Thermostat settings

For both heating and cooling, you need thermostat settings that are performing at their best. Ideally, you should be able to check your thermostat settings regularly so that you are confident that the settings are at optimum levels. This simply means that neither is it too cold nor too hot.

Emission levels

It is extremely important for you to check carbon monoxide emission levels for two reasons. One is of course the safety of the building and everyone inside it. Second is the fact that there are government regulations that come into play about the levels of carbon monoxide emission. So, for personal and legal safety - it would be a really good idea to check emission levels periodically.

Getting professional help

This is a particularly good idea even for regular HVAC maintenance because some of the activities or actions that need to be done in order to maintain your HVAC system, can be done only with the right kind of tools and knowledge. Some of these activities are:
·         checking and adjusting the various settings in order to optimize performance
·         checking for refrigerant leaks and fixing the same
·         ensuring that all the flame safety controls and sensors are working properly
·         inspecting all the indicators such as oil levels, moisture and charge indicators and
·         checking parts and components such as economizers and other control boxes.

It may also be a good idea to call a professional company simply because they may be able to carry out most of the HVAC maintenance even when your system is operational.

The importance of regular HVAC maintenance cannot be emphasized enough. Whether it is checking the various components or accessories or even the various sensors that go into making of an HVAC system - you need to ensure that the checks are conducted regularly either by yourself or by a professional company.

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Nick Rubbens is an HVAC expert at (Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating 1133 Broadway, Suite 706 , New York, NY 10010) a leading HVAC repair, maintenance, service, and installation company in New York City & Manhattan.  Follow Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating on Facebook , Twitter, &Youtube.

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