Dec 25, 2014 Indonesian Potential Mobile Commerce

Perhaps you are already familiar with e-commerce term, but what about the m-commerce or Mobile commerce term?  The phrase itself first appeared in 1997 at the opening of the Global Mobile Commerce Forum; denotes the delivery of e-commerce capacities straightforwardly into the consumer’s hand, in all places, through wireless technology. In other words, m-commerce involves the purchasing and selling of products and services by the use of wireless handheld gadgets such as personal digital assistants (PDAs) and smartphones. It’s like retail outlets in your pocket!

Indonesia e-commerce market is still a huge potency, and since m-commerce identified as the following generation of e-commerce, the market potential of Indonesia m-commerce can be further developed. There isn’t any data mentioned about Indonesia mobile commerce potential; yet according to Wikipedia, worldwide mobile commerce is worth US$230 billion. In this case, Asia is in place of almost half of the market –beyond US and Europe- and even Asia m-commerce market has been predicted to achieve US$700 billion in 2017.

Therefore Indonesia e-commerce big players like Telkomsel ensures that m-commerce is the future potential market in this country. With the main goal of exploiting the m-commerce market prospect in Indonesia, Telkomsel and eBay joined and launched new marketplace portal at December 8th, 2014. In the same event, to support and offer their customers with highly developed facilities, Telkomsel also launched 4G LTE technology for the first time. 4G system is the fourth generation of mobile telecommunication technology that provides mobile broadband internet access to different mobile devices such as smartphones, PDAs, and laptops.

As a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia, Telkomsel is one mobile phone network operator with great amount of subscribers -122 million subscribers at present- that has widest network coverage (97% of Indonesia). Along with the suitable global marketplace platform of eBay, a worldwide well-known e-commerce company, is expected to be able to successfully penetrate e-commerce market and future mobile commerce market as well.  For online shoppers, Blanja provides fun, easy, secure, and comfy shopping anytime, anywhere, with any gadget in buyer’s hand.

The majority products to sell at Blanja derived from local SMEs (small and medium enterprises). So, the existence of this marketplace is in line with the Telkomsel strategy that also committed to build an Indonesia digital ecosystem. Through applied eBay platform that suits Indonesia market, quality goods of verified SMEs can be fast and widely distributed at relatively low cost and good price for Indonesia and global buyers. 

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