Dec 6, 2014

Want a Cozy and Inviting Home? Valuable Tips to Get You Started

How have you successfully transformed your space into the ideal relaxation sanctuary it is meant to be?

For many, this is a tall feat that is hard to pull off.

Fortunately, while challenging, transforming an otherwise drab space into a cozy and inviting area can be pulled off in a lot of different ways.

Get your transformation project off to a good start with the following beneficial and savvy tips.

1. Decorate with items you want to touch

These items don’t have to be fancy or costly. Patterned rugs, old leather chairs, fluffy throw pillows or any items that will stimulate your sense of touch will be a fascinating addition and can certainly add warmth to your space. 

2. Choose upholstered furniture

One of the key elements that can boost or hinder the achievement of a warm and inviting house is your choice of furniture set. If you are unsure as to what to get, opt for upholstered sofa sets as it not only adds sophistication but comfort as well.

3. Show off your collection
Want to add a personal touch to your space? You don’t have to do anything extravagant to pull this one off. In fact, this might be the perfect excuse for you to put those intricately designed porcelains on display. Apart from making the space undoubtedly your own, it is the perfect way to add zing to an otherwise bland space.

4. Choose furniture with curves

While unknown to many, incorporating round shapes can help make a room feel more cozy and inviting. In line with this, it will be a good idea to go for a round coffee table (or any other furniture for that matter) the next time you shop for additional home fixtures. 

5. Keep seating colors neutral

If you don’t want to make a room appear heavy (and dismal!), avoid filling it with large pieces that come with busy patterns or bold shades.  Instead, opt for a white sofa, as it’s not only easy on the eyes, it is also more conducive to sparking up conversations.

6. Display snapshots

What better way to add character and charm to your home than hanging pictures of your loved ones on your walls? If this is something you have not done yet, you might want to start now. For starters, go for framed pictures of different sizes or you can look into filling your floating shelves with lots of snapshots and work your way from there.

7. Incorporate elements of nature

A bowl of fish might seem like a trivial addition but make no mistake about it. Apart from making your place look more organic, it will also make your space appear scintillating and thus, more livable. Also, shades of green can easily create a relaxing air. Contrast this with a modern orb and you will get yourself a relaxing and chic nook.

8. Paint your walls with  the right hues

Or if you are not prepared to do something as hasty right now, consider using wallpapers instead.  Technically, there’s really nothing wrong if you paint your walls a hot pink or any other loud shades.

However, it will certainly defeat the purpose if a cozy place is what you are after as flamboyant colors will likely energize your mind rather than calm it down. In line with this, go for less jarring options like blue, gray, soft green or any neutral tones, such as beige and cream.

9. Install appropriate lighting

If you wish to highlight the most noteworthy features in your place, situating your lighting in the right places will help you effortlessly do the trick. In the same manner, you can also use lighting to create that soothing and relaxing ambiance you can’t wait to come home to.

Make lighting work for you by installing pendant lights, chandeliers and other lighting fixtures in strategic places to create that warm and engaging atmosphere you have always wanted. During the day, pull up your roller tilt shutters or tie your curtains creatively to allow some warmth and sunshine in.

10. Be eclectic

Let us crush a common misconception here. There’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching up various styles. On the contrary, integrating different cultures and periods in your design can help you pull off a personalized air very easily.

However, ensure you strike the right balance when incorporating different elements into your designs. Integrate diverse components successfully by deciding on one dominant element and mixing it up with varied accessories. 

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