Dec 11, 2014

What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

When driving through the streets around your home, you might have noticed an increase in the popularity of painted front doors. No longer are we restricted to a handful of neutral colours that will blend in with the rest of the fa├žade; you can choose any colour of the rainbow. Actually choosing a colour for your door, however, can be quite a hard decision; after all, you’ll be living with it for many years so it is important to ensure you really like it.

Did you know that many cultures actually assign particular meanings to the colours we choose for our home (and particularly the front entrance)? It is thought to be the “mouth” of the home and the entry point for energy, abundance and opportunities. We thought we would take a moment to explore some of these meanings in the hopes it helps you choose a colour.
White door

  • Blue – Throughout history, blue has often been used to represent sky, water and abundance. Feng shui practitioners also consider it a great colour. If you want your home to embody feelings of abundance and prosperity, this is the front doors colour for you.
  • Dark Blue –A darker blue, however, is believed to create a sense of calm and peace for your home and, in turn, to your family and guests. It is also thought to bring positive energy into the space.
  • Yellow – This is a colour that has long been believed to induce mental clarity, perception, understanding, wisdom, confidence, curiosity, humour and merriment. This makes it a great colour option for doors, as it is said to lift the overall atmosphere of your home.
  • Green – This is often thought to be a great choice for front entrances, as it represents balance, peace, compassion, growth, renewal and harmony. It could support your family through troublesome times.
  • Purple – This is actually one of the most popular colour choices for front doors, as it symbolizes energy and is said to invite opportunity. In feng shui, it is believed that a purple door facing a particular direction will improve your opportunities in that life aspect.
  • White – Whilst this is classic colour for doors, it is more commonly used today in cottage-style homes. Throughout history, white has come to represent purity, serenity and virtue.
  • Red – According to feng shui, a red door means “welcome”. It means something similar to many cultures, faiths and religions. Fun fact – in Scotland, homeowners will actually paint the front entrance red to signify that they have paid off their mortgage.

If you are a follower of feng shui, we did want to point out that there is one exception to the purple rule outlined above – if the door faces the northwest, you will be much better off painting it gold, white, silver or grey. So, what is your favourite colour for a front door? Is there any particular reason why you have chosen this colour or do you just like it? Are there any other representations that haven’t been shared above? Share them with us below!

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