Apr 24, 2021

What to know when moving to a bigger house

a large house with a big yard

If you feel like there is not enough space inside your home and that the walls are closing in, it is time to upsize by moving to a bigger house. Maybe you have lived there for years and years and accumulated too much stuff. Or your family has grown by one or two members. Whatever the reason, it is probably best to leave your smaller house or apartment and look for something bigger that will fit your needs better. Unfortunately, it is not just a question of buying a new property. There is also constant upkeep and considerably larger bills. So you need to be adequately informed before you make such a big decision. Here is everything you need to know to have a comfortable life in a bigger home.

The financial aspect of moving to a bigger house

Even though it is fantastic to live in a big and comfortable home, the fact is, all the expanses double or triple. Firstly, the monthly mortgage is considerably higher than before. And if you are thinking about a cheaper solution that is renting, that too is more costly. Unfortunately, this is not all. You also need to be aware that property taxes and utility bills will be higher too. Especially during winter when the heater is running 24/7. Of course, there are ways to solve this with energy-efficient home upgrades that pay for themselves. But it would be best if you kept in mind that you will have more space and thus need more furniture. So before you decide that moving to a bigger house is a good idea, you need to be sure you can cover all the costs and not suffer financially.

a calculator, pen, and paper with numbers on it
Carefully go through your finances to make sure you can cope with monthly expenses that come with a bigger property

The problem of location

Bigger homes are usually located in suburban areas, some distance away from city centers. Of course, it is possible to find properties in the downtown area, but the prices can be astronomically high. The suburban home is more affordable, and chances are the further away you go, the easier it will be to find one for the same price as your current property. However, to successfully execute a long-distance move, you need to spend a lot of time planning and organizing everything. But you can cut the work in half by hiring a good moving company because professionals know how to speed up the process. Still, there are some downsides too. A considerable distance from your children's school, your job, and other key locations means you will spend a lot more time driving around. On the positive side, you will have less traffic, less noise, and more parks in your area.


Relocating to a larger home seems like a great idea because you will get more rooms, a bigger bathroom, and a spacious garden. But, before you make a decision, you need to ask yourself if you have enough energy to do all the maintenance, which means fixing things around the house, regular cleaning, and garden upkeep. Because all that space means you will have to spend considerable time keeping your new home spotless. And if you are not used to it, it can become a huge problem. In that case, you can improve your quality of life by hiring a house cleaner. But that is one more long-term expense that you need to take into consideration. So if you have a small budget, think carefully before you make the first step.

person vacuuming a rug
Moving to a bigger house sounds like a great idea until you realize how much time and energy you have to spend on maintaining it
Do not rush with furniture buying

One of the more common mistakes people make is being so overjoyed about the prospect of a new home that they start buying furniture before the papers are signed. Firstly, this is not a good idea because you never know if something might happen and the deal falls through. Then you are stuck with new stuff and no space to put it. Of course, you can easily find storage solutions at vanexpressnj.com, but it is better to wait. Because until you move in and measure all the rooms, you cannot know if what you have will fit into your new home. You might end up buying pieces that are too big. They will eat up all the space, and you are back to feeling cramped. So it is better to be patient and not to jump ahead unprepared.

Resale value

You might need a bigger home now because of many benefits, but that might change in the future. Your kids will move away at one point, and you will not need so much space anymore. Or your financial situation might change, so you will need to downsize to cut the expenses in half. Whatever the reason, it is not only the question of knowing when is the right time to buy or sell a home. Before purchasing, make sure that the property has features that future buyers will want. Your property needs to be well maintained so that the potential buyer does not have to spend money on renovations. Otherwise, any faults that come up will lower the price of the property. Therefore make sure that your home is well kept inside and outside, including the garden and the garage.
hand-holding hose keys in front of the lock
You will have more luck selling your home if it is well kept and has qualities that attract buyers 

Do not forget to have fun

A lot of people, once they relocate to a bigger property, freeze up. All of a sudden, there is so much space that they do not know what to do with it. That is exactly what you do not want to happen. To be creative and imaginative, you need to have fun. Moving to a bigger house is a start of a new beginning, so do not be afraid to experiment. However, do not rush. You might need to live there for a while to get a better idea of what you want to change. But once you do, nothing can stop you from turning it into a dream home.
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