Jul 27, 2016

7 Ways to Talk to People Living with Dementia

Dementia is an illness in the brain that causes a person to unintentionally change their personality, has weakened cognitive skills and gains difficulty in one’s memory. People have resulted in ways in order to address this issue such as dementia caregivers in Chicago, undergoing treatments or therapy, and other ways to handle this concern among people. A loved one who has dementia is certainly tough to undertake, but it only takes time and effort in order to understand their situation. Here are a couple of ways to talk to people living with dementia.


Courtesy: National Health Services UK
1.   Let them know you’re there for them
Always make sure you have the time to be there for them in person especially on days when you know that people could not be there for them. Even if you’ve been close with them for a long time, or they’re just someone you’re acquainted to, it wouldn’t hurt to reassure them that there are people who worry about them and know them. By simply meeting them at a consistent phase is enough in order to connect or reconnect with them.

2.   Take them outside or outdoors
Going where anyone hasn’t usually been to, is definitely a great way to bond with them. You can encourage them to go outside of their house to explore the beautiful nature is enough already. Once you’ve brought them outside, you can easily talk to them about anything once you accomplished this.

3.   Help them remember their past life
Give them a piece of their past hobby, previous work, people they’re close to, or anything you know that may help them remember the life they lived before they had dementia. Food, pictures, and treasured items are just some of the many things you can show them in order to help them remember. Once you found something to show them, tell them a short or long story to tell so it may comfort them as well.

4.   Play music to tug their heartstrings
Music is an amazing way to get back to the heart of a person. Which kinds of music were playing during their time? What was their favorite music genre or song? Who is their favorite singer or band? These are helpful tips to communicate to them – through the beautiful gift of music.

5.   Give them a relaxing environment
Never let people with dementia be exposed to a noisy or messy environment as this may trigger something wrong to them or disturb their brain. Do your best to avoid bring them to shambolic places as much as possible and then give them relaxing and serene surroundings so they wouldn’t be troubled that much.

6.   Name people
Try to name people as much as possible, trying not to use pronouns as you show them or tell them about certain people. If they don’t remember who these people are, tell them brief stories about them that might help them recall who these people are.

7.   Listen and speak to them well
Last but not least is to listen intently and speak clearly as you talk to them. Always communicate in a soothing voice, then, if you have trouble understanding what they say, don’t hesitate in asking them to repeat what they said. In this way, you will have a pleasant conversation.

People all around the world learned to care for people with the illness, such as dementia caregivers in Chicago, but it only takes patience and nurture to truly care for a loved one who has dementia. 

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