Jul 13, 2016

Not having a good sleep – bring these changes to your room décor

Are you having troubles sleeping at night? Do you wake up every hour wishing you were in a different room? If that’s you, your issues might be related to your bedroom’s décor. Believe it or not, a properly decorated room can greatly affect your sleep. You may have the wrong curtains hanging by your windows, or your bed may not be comfortable enough. Regardless of your issues, it might be a good idea to redecorate. Switch things up a bit – consider changing the furniture, adding a new rug or repainting the walls. Here are some more tips to help you out.
Messy bedrooms with clothes lying around and things piling up are unappealing. The moment you walk in you’ll start feeling all anxious and irritated. Rather than get into bed and enjoy reading a book, you’ll probably just shut the lights and go to sleep, only to wake up the next day feeling even angrier. Keep the bedroom tidy and organized. Make sure all your clothes are properly folded, and rearrange your books, blankets and pillows. Use baskets and boxes to help you out. This way your bedroom will appear neat and clean. Spending quality time reading or watching TV will once again be a pleasure.

Freshen it up with plants
Studies have shown that flowers and plants are a great way to rejuvenate your soul. They bring peace and harmony into a space, and making it breathable and relaxing once again. There are many varieties that last for months, both in the sun and in the shadow. Prior to making a choice, get to know more about which plants might fit best into your bedroom. Lavender, aloe vera, peace lilies and gardenias are all excellent choices. Put your creative spirit to the test, and complement the décor with a flowery painting above the master bed, and center your attention on the warmest colors of green, brown and burgundy.

Pamper your senses with aromatherapy
A truly comfortable bedroom makes you feel good. Improve the ambiance with aromatherapy to create a calming scent. It will help you sleep a lot better too. Lavender and lemon blends are the best; place candles on the nightstand and let the romantic light and pleasant smell pamper all your senses. The next day you’ll wake up totally refreshed and relaxed.
Ditch the TV
This might seem like the most impossible thing to do. However, it could completely alter your sleep. In fact, giving up the TV and adding a mirror or beautiful painting instead will transform the bedroom into a cozy sleeping area. Believe it or not, the light and noise of a TV can do more harm than good to your body. Why bother watch TV after a hard day at work, when you can enjoy some quality sleep? You’ll wake up the next day feeling all rested and energized.

Window treatments
Rooms without window treatments look empty and unappealing. The bedroom in particular, must feature curtains and shades to complement the decor and make it fuller and more comfortable. However, not all types of curtains are suitable in the bedroom. Invest in top quality materials such as cotton or damask; these are thick, thus providing shadow and keeping heat at bay. Add more balance by focusing on warm colors. This season, the best hues are burgundy, brown, blue and black. Interesting designs and patterns are more than recommended because add movement without overcharging the space. If you’re decorating a bedroom for your baby, you should go eco-friendly. Organic baby mattresses, bamboo rugs, and flower pots will make the air fresher and easier to breathe. Your baby will enjoy the most relaxing sleep at night.
Bedrooms should be used for sleeping, book reading or relaxing, and not for work. Don’t waste your time finishing reports on your laptop or exercising in the bedroom. Why add more stress in a place that should be used to unwind? Add a personal touch to it and make it as comfortable as possible with the most convenient items. This might surprise you, but a new plant and a fluffy rug placed near the bed can make a huge difference. You’ll wake up completely refreshed, and you’ll have the energy required to start a new day on the right foot.

By Paul Trevino and NaturalMat.co.uk

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