Jul 14, 2016

Top Grounds To Consider Customized Storage Solutions

We all have goods at home that haven’t been used in a while. From unused furniture, to things that have emotional and materialistic value, these are things that must be kept safely. In many cases, home owners don’t even want to sell the products, simply because the return prices won’t be worth their expectations. To de-clutter the house and make some space, storage solutions can come handy in many ways.

The options

When you want to store things with a professional service, there are a few considerations. Most owners want to know the price along with basic things like how they will access the goods and whether they can keep things for a long time. In broad terms, services can be categorized in two segments. The first one is self-storage services, where the customers are given a unit for storage, along with keys, and the concerned company will charge a monthly fee for the entire unit. The second choice is customized storage solutions, whereby customers keep goods with a service and just pay for the space used.

Why customized storage solutions?

Simply because you don’t need a unit! Well, in many cases, people end up paying for the entire storage container or unit, even when they have limited requirements.

Check some of the benefits of using customized storage below.

  • First things first, you will only pay for the space used by your goods/boxes. Most professional companies allow you to pack things as you like, and you can even ask the concerned service to give you boxes for non-furniture items. For the furniture and other things that cannot be wrapped, the company will use shrink wrap, so that the lease space is taken.
  • The costs are dependent on the over space or items, depending on the concerned service. As a customer, you can always get a quote and find Seattle storage locations, so that the access is easy. These days, companies are investing in technology, so that customers can track things online in their account.
  • While knowing the storage location is essential, you don’t technically need to move a finger with known services. Most of the customized storage solution will offer pickup and drop off for the requests things, and this can be done in a single call. In short, you can save the unwanted hassles related to finding trucks or moving your goods.
  • Unlike self storage services, customized options allow you to check things as you need. From choosing just a closet to finding two or more big rooms, there are many options. Make sure that you ask for the right amount of space, or you can even call a company to check the goods and offer you a quote.

If you are keen on saving money or want to pay for required space only, customized storage is a great choice. Check online right away and find a service that is backed with great features and incredible customer feedback. As needed, you may even ask for references. 

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