Jul 1, 2016

6 House Design Ideas You Have Never Thought Of

They say home is where the heart is and if that means the place where you are most at peace and where you’re most comfortable, then home is a truly special place. The search for this feeling is a universal one, and with that, the idea of how a home should look like is quite similar around the world. Sure, some people go for bricks over wood and for other small places are favored over large abodes but in general the idea is the same.

For some people however, their idea of a home breaks the rules of tradition and thanks to them, there are some house designs that are rare compared to traditional homes and ones that you have to stop and ask yourself how much fun they must have to live in such a place. From the quirky to the unthinkable, here are six house design ideas that you might have never thought of as a home.

Renovated church

Even if you don’t have a religious bone in your body, you have to admit that living in a church can be pretty spectacular. From the old granite covering the floor to the dramatic architecture; the walls dented as if ghosts are leaning on them and the boldness of the whole design from the outside can make for one impressive place for a person to renovate and live in.

Granny flats

You might be under the impression that these tiny abodes are made for the elderly to live in the backyard, close to their family members and they are but this house design with its minimalist features has become ideal for anyone who is looking to downsize and live a simpler life.


Despite its official name, you don’t have to be an animal-loving, green thumb kind of person who grows their own vegetables to think of owning a farmhouse. This home design which can come with anything from stables to glass houses has the potential to become a spectacular place and give you some much needed time in nature.
Tree house

Heeding to the little kid inside of you, an adult tree house, designed to perfection with sustainable materials and a great combination of wood and glass can be a special place to live in where you feel truly secluded and at peace while surrounded by an arresting view.

Floating house

Have you ever dreamed of living in Venice and travelling on those water canals to go to work? Well, with a floating house, with huge glass windows surrounding the whole construction, you can feel like you are in Venice. Floating house designs are rare but they do exist and the design potential for these kind of homes are simply spectacular.


It could be their love for the sea or a want to be as close to their boat as possible, to sail away every chance they get, that draws some people to decide to live in a lighthouse. This unconventional house design is part of the fun of this house. Moreover, since lighthouses are usually renovated, then they have that added history of time which adds to their charm. 

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