Nov 24, 2018

Great Tips to Choose the Right Moving Company

Hiring a moving company guarantees a safe and less-stressful relocation process. Whether short or long-distance, hiring a mover should be your priority. There are several companies in Gloucester claiming to offer the best moving services. However, choosing the best from the list can be tricky. Here are tips to help you settle for the right mover for your relocation.

Start your search early        
Unless you are in urgent need of moving, it is recommendable to plan your relocation in time. As you look for your new home or office, make sure that you also find a mover. The easiest way is to search online. There are thousands of online moving companies. With a simple search, you can find a professional removal company in Gloucester.

Read company reviews
From your online search, make a list of several companies in Gloucester. The next step is to read reviews and testimonials from past clients. There are genuine review sites that rate moving companies based on their services, professionalism, prices and customer satisfaction services. From the feedback, you can quickly determine the best mover for your move.

Look for professional movers
Don’t just hire movers, choose professional movers. A professional moving company has experience and the workforce and facilities required for your move. They also have handling equipment to handle your items at every stage of your relocation. A reputable moving company should also have different moving trucks of different sizes to meet your moving needs.

Get rough estimates
You can get an estimate of the cost by comparing at least three quotes from different moving companies. A moving quote may vary depending on your belongings, size of the truck, nature of items and distance. However, some companies charge unreasonably higher rates, thus the need to compare quotes.

Beware of scammers
Always watch out for red flags. There are lots of fake websites claiming to offer moving services. However, these are non-existent companies aimed at misleading potential clients. One of the red flags is online quotes calculated without a home visit. The other red flag is lack of licensing. To avoid such scammers, insist on visiting the company before hiring their services.

Check on insurance
Is the mover insured? Most reputable companies will protect your belongings while in transit against damage, loss or accident. The advantage of choosing an insured mover is that it guarantees compensation in case of damage or loss.

Visit the company
What kind of trucks do the company have? Do they have secure and modern storage facilities? These are some of the essential details you can only know by visiting the mover. Reputable companies are always ready to receive you in their offices.

Sign the agreement
When you agree to the conditions and quote of a moving company, don’t hesitate to sign. Make sure that you provide a date for your relocation. In most cases, you will be required to pay an amount of money upfront.

Now you have a step-by-step guide for hiring a moving company. By employing the best mover, you will be confident of a secure and stress-free moving experience.

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