Nov 15, 2018

Building inspection report makes property buyers confident of making the right purchase

There are lots of hidden costs related to property purchase that property buyers must be aware of. In addition to the basic price of the property or building together with other related costs for commercial and legal processes involved in the transaction of property, buyers may have to bear the additional cost of repairing or setting right defects in the property that generally escape primary visual inspection but surface later. Not only such prices can be very high but also the defects can impair the quality of the building. Most visual inspections are unable to detect pest infestations in the property which can be quite concerning.
To be sure about the overall health of the property it is essential that buyers go for pre-purchase building inspection conducted by qualified and licensed inspectors of a Brisbane pest inspection company. The inspector will thoroughly inspect the building and its construction features and provide a comprehensive report that reveals the health of the property. It will cover all aspects of structural integrity and take into account the design and construction quality that constitute the technical qualities and help to determine the actual cost of the building at that point in time. 

Price justification tool

Armed with the inspection report, buyers know exactly what they are going to get if they purchase the property and it becomes easy to calculate the justified price of the property. This gives buyers the satisfaction of buying the right thing at the right price. The report helps them to bargain for a reasonable price with good reason instead of trying to negotiate just off the cuff that does not help the cause.

Pest free property is preferred

Many properties have problems of pest infestation that might not be visible during routine inspection because sellers can try to cover it up for the time being by keeping things clean during the inspection. Pests usually stay away from the eyes because it builds colonies in obscure places only to spread out to other parts later. Since pests can be a big nuisance and even a threat to properties, it is important to ascertain that the property is free from pests by getting the property inspected by a Brisbane pest inspection company.

The scope of building inspection

Building inspection is, therefore, necessary whether it is a residential or commercial property because it provides the ammunition to buyers to negotiate for the right price based on the actual state of the property. Pre-purchase building and pest inspection is a comprehensive package offered by building inspection companies that covers all aspects of property health including detection of pests at the site. However, if buyers are confident about the overall health of the property, they might go for pest inspection only to identify any pest activity. It will give them complete information about pest activity and the types of pest present including termites.

For complete peace of mind of buyers and to ensure that they make the right choice that justifies the investment, the building inspection report should always be a part of property transactions.

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