Nov 22, 2018

All About Plumbers and Their Services

What Are the Different Types of Plumbers?

There are five types of plumbing services or you can also say that there are five types of plumbers. Commercial or residential plumbing may include minor or major pipe repairing work. When a pipe system is experiencing leaks and clogs, it will need minor plumbing. However, pipe replacement due to leakage is classified as major plumbing work. Plumbing services are of different types and based on the kind of services, there are different types of plumbers. This article will give you a low-down on the three different types of plumbing services or plumbers. Emergency plumbing services are used when your pipes are experiencing leaks and clogs, or your faucet needs tightening.
Broken Water Pipes

Broken water pipe is an uncommon occurrence in residential plumbing services. This is a one in a blue moon event. Such pipes cause severe damage to your property and requires a lot of work to be fixed. Therefore, they take a lot of time to be fixed. We do not do such activities. We outsource such activities to a specialized plumber. The first step in fixing a broken water pipe is to turn off the main water supply so that flooding does not occur. Then we can seek the services of a professional plumber. This is because fixing a broken pipe requires digging under your floor to fix the pipe.

Toilet or Bathroom Plumbing

If your toilet or bathroom clogs, it is relatively easy to fix it. However, when the plumbing system fails, it will wreak havoc in your property leaving you with an extensive home damage bill. In such conditions, you need to contact a professional plumber who can meet your requirements. He will repair your plumbing system failure and will bring it to its original condition, avoiding further clogging and malfunctioning of the plumbing system, thus, incurring less cost on home maintenance. He will help you avoid the total clogging of your plumbing pipes. Thus, a professional plumbing consultant is the one who repairs a malfunction in the plumbing system.
Sewer Line Blockage

Sewers are commonly laid in all residential and commercial complexes, which have a lavatory system. Blocking of the sewer lines call for immediate attention. This is because they will lead to flooding of your property with muck and dirt from the damaged sewer. It will also result in spreading of unnecessary stench in your property, from the damaged sewer. In such conditions, you have to contact a qualified plumber to avail the necessary plumbing services. At times, the sewer line may even be blocked due to some deleterious material being stuck in the sewer. In such a case, emergency plumbing is resorted to.


Acquiring a dedicated plumbing service is a method of home improvement that is customer savvy and customer friendly. It is a smart move to keep the contact of a qualified plumber or plumbing company in cases of emergencies, especially the life-threatening ones. Plumbing companies now offer services 24x7 and for all year round. Having an efficient plumber is your best bet for the health and aesthetic look of your property. 

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