Nov 26, 2018

How to Handle the Situation When You Feel You are in a Plumbing Emergency?

If you are living in an area with quality life and amenities, and have good healthy surroundings, then you will also have emergency plumbing services nearby, whom you may get to serve on one call. But this certainly does not mean that you call a plumber in an emergency without realizing if you are really in an emergency. While getting a service is not a problem when you have a number handy, this is also true that you will be spending your hard-earned cash for a service, and more than usual, when you are purchasing special services with extra care before time. Hence,it’s good to judge exactly what you have to do when you feel that there is a plumbing crisis and you need help.
A crisis may come up anytime

Whether you are staying in a fully secure society life, or staying alone in a secluded home, in a house in a good neighborhood, a serviced apartment or a mobile home, you may get a plumbing emergency anytime. Offices are active during daytime and normal operational hours. Hence, emergencies in an office need not be attended during the odd night hours. But in homes and apartments, condos and mobile or trailer homes,etc., emergencies in plumbing can come up anytime, and even in the odd night hours. What exactly you should do to handle the situation should be taken a mental drill to stay prepared.

A plumbing emergency source may not be inside the home

The source of the problem may not be located inside the house or building. You have to understand this fact that problems do not always occur because of the source inside the building. Things may get messed up outside too in the lines of the water coming toward the house. Sometimes it may be rupture or blockage in the pipelines directing the water to your house. But how would you know if the water obstruction or leakage is a fault inside or outside the house? Well, the best way to investigate on your own, before dialing the number of the emergency plumber is to, call the water providing agency or authority helpline.

You can call them, and ask if they are carrying on any work or repairing job on the water pipelines. Sometimes it may be a defective valve or a defective pipe. If the problem is at their end due to which your supply is disturbed,or you are getting the leakage, then you can always be sure that you need not spend anything on the repairs. You may leave it all on the water suppliers and wait for the problem to get solved. In the meantime, to get things fixed internally, and avoid any mess, you may call a plumber in regular hours, and get a solution temporarily till the external problem is repaired.

The high service charges of an emergency plumber are justified

There are advantages and disadvantages of opting for a plumber in an emergency. The person you are dialing in the odd hours may be resting or sleeping or maybe spending time with his family. And still he will be on duty and attend your call just because you are in an emergency, and the professional is enrolled to give emergency plumbing services to the area. Definitely charges will be high for such service for because the professional is sacrificing his comfort to help you, and also the time factor is dealt with very strictly in emergency calls as every minute matters. Delays may result in more damages to property and more harassments. For these reasons, this special service you are buying at odd hours within a very little time calls for extra special charges. This is what makes an emergency plumber costlier than a regular plumber. But you may always inquire about both the charges from the plumber while calling. You should know the difference in charges between regular operational hours without any hurry and emergency services. Then only would you know how much extra you are paying for the extra service before time?

Consider if you can wait

You should consider if you can wait for the plumber. Sometimes small fixtures can stop the water from leaking, and you may hold on through the night to get the plumber. A leakage discovered at odd hours does not necessarily mean that you must get the plumber at that odd hour instantly. Most of the times, the problem can be handled with some temporary fixture for few hours till the slab for the normal duty hours starts. And you may afford to wait until that time. The temporary fixtures can be like closing the water valve, shutting off the main connection, applying some handy sealant for the time being,etc. Until and unless it’s a terrible mess, where the valve or main water control knobs are just not working, you can wait few hours or till day starts. Else, you will have to go for the emergency plumber.

How much damage the property will be suffering from delay

If you are forcefully delaying the service just because you are trying to save on the emergency call charges, then you must also consider another factor. The property also gets damaged sometimes in plumbing energy. Too much force of the gushing water or sewage water reversal cases can take a toll on the health and hygiene of the property, and you may see that some materials, important stuff, the floor, and other toilet fixtures, kitchen accessories and fixtures,etc. can get badly damaged and later may ask a replacement. In that case, you should not wait that long. You should, in that case,get the plumber with an emergency call, and try to get things fixed as soon as possible. There is no sense in waiting for normal plumbing duty hours to get a plumber at a normal rate while your important stuff or floor gets damaged due to the crises.

What to tell your plumber during an emergency

During emergencies, you should explain the plumber the whole scenario. After you dial an emergency plumber, you will have to know first if the professional is available for attending your calls at that time. Next, you must fully explain the type of problem you are getting. Sometimes the plumber can guide you over the call to arrange for a temporary solution that works. If the plumber gives you any such guidelines, then you should instantly try that. If it works then you can rest till the next day, and also the plumber can come to you the next day during the normal hour, and you will have to pay the normal hour service charges only.

If things cannot be fixed on call, then you will have to request the plumber to attend. And the emergency plumbers are ready to attend emergency calls at any odd hours, as that is what they are meant for.

How to get contact of an emergency plumber?

There are so many ways to get hold of an emergency plumber Long Beach. You may look through the yellow pages. Also, you may go through the web search method, which is even easier from a smartphone. A search will return you instantly the relevant emergency plumbing services in your area.

Stay prepared to handle the crises

A plumbing emergency can come up in any property, office or home, public building or government building,etc. And you as the administration or in-charge of the place must be active in staying prepared for emergencies. If you have a plumbing emergency, you must have at least two numbers of emergency plumbers handy, whom you may rely on. Not all names are reliable, because some may deny you a show in odd hours because you stay out of their service area, or they may ask for a higher rate,etc. You must have contact numbers of plumber handy, who are in your area, will take a reasonably low time to rush to you in such situations, will pick the phone call timely, and will charge you as per a slab meant for emergencies. Also, their reputation as the professional should be good enough to encourage you to call them. Remember, you will be spending a good amount of money on getting emergency services. Hence the choice of the professional also must be good enough to justify the spending.

To shortlist a good plumber who may attend you in emergencies as well as in normal duty hours, you must talk with the person when you have no problem at all. You may simply ask for the services if they provide service to the location you stay, and a few such details, so that you may keep the contact in your phone contact list for emergencies. This will save time when in case of a problem you frantically search for the right contact person and contact number everywhere.


Emergencies can happen anytime. But you must be cool-headed to decide first if the situation is truly an emergency or not, and act accordingly.

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