Nov 29, 2018

Some Ideas for Designs of the Beautiful Kitchen in Very Small Space

How does your kitchen look? Is it suffocated with too many things that you don’t even have space to prepare a nice meal? This is what you should know.
For those who are not blessed with huge sociable kitchen space, finding the best design for your kitchen is everything. Storage is normally the issue for many homeowners. You have so many staff, and you are looking for a good place to store, the kitchen is always the first consideration.

Well, that only makes the kitchen too stuffed with things, some which could even go under the bed. You can still be a great baker in a small kitchen if you learn the tricks. You only need clever ideas to design your space in a perfect fit.

By maximizing every square inch in your space, you will have a great kitchen just like everyone else. The trick is to get ahead of everything that must go into the space you have.

The first step is to start thinking on how you want to use the kitchen. This will prompt you to learn how to use everything that needs to be in the kitchen, helping you to decide just the right space required. You can for instance. For example, if there are things that you know you use most, you should start by arranging them in the right places.

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The stuff that you don’t use so often can take the backstage. The dishes that you use every day can definitely not go too far. You need them as close to your reach as possible. Other things will find better places to go. If you have shelves, you have to know how to plan it. Apart from this, consider the following tips.

    The washing machine can find a better spot

To many, the kitchen is the only place that seems fins to keep the washing machine. As much as that is a great idea for those who want easy access, it is not for a small kitchen space.

Stay clear of the washing machine in the kitchen and try to find a better spot for it. Consider the space in the garage for example; it won’t be such a hard thing.

If you have a washer and a drier in separately, consider stacking them one on top of the other. This way, you can reduce the space they occupy for something else. You can keep them in an old larder cupboard, so they stay out of sight and save some space for you. You don’t need the washer at all times, and it might be just the right thing to do keeping it out of sight.

    Use some trick for a supersized sink

A small kitchen might not always have space for a dishwasher. You can consider that a luxury you cannot afford. You don’t need to have the washer, instead find a double sink.

With a double sink, one bowl will be for washing and the other for keeping the dirty dishes. You have a clear way of creating more space.  The mucky prep kit you have will get somewhere to fit if you do this.

You don’t need the plates in plain sight, and the double sink will ensure that for you. Your work surface will be clear of any stacking.

    Every corner can become you storage ally

One of the reasons small kitchen may seem even smaller is the improper use of spaces. Every corner in your kitchen can become a great storage area if you know how to keep.

Try to find areas with wasted space. For example, gaps between shelves. People often ignore such spaces as if they already have things in them.

Consider changing the location of those things you don’t need every day. You don’t have to throw them away if you don’t want to.

The space on the walls and doors can provide extra storage. Try to add some shelves to them for small and light kitchen items.

    Storage helpers are a great way to keep a clean space

There is a great likeliness that you are not fully utilizing your cupboards and drawers. If that is true, then you need to think again on how you use such resources. Storage helpers are great, but many people do not use them fully the way they should be used.

How do you achieve internal storage solutions on the cupboards and drawers? How about using some wire racks that pull out of corners. You can use every space of thin cupboards, plinth drawers. Apart from this, think about using drawer dividers. 

And what about having some mobile solutions? Trolleys or butcher’s block on castors can bring in more space from the outside to your kitchen.  And if that is not good enough, think about popping baskets or containers on the top of the wall cupboards. Your items will be within your reach.

    You have clutters? Consider getting rid of them

Wall cabinets can be a terrible idea in a small kitchen space. Getting rid of them is a wonderful way to ensure space is utilized for better things. So don’t overwhelm your space with things that seem like a burden even when they have nothing stored in them.

    Keep your work surface clear at all times

An untidy workspace can make your small kitchen seem like a closed room with no moving space at all. You surely don’t need to leave the cutlery and the dirt where you used them. As soon as you finish using the space, take the cleaning towel and return everything to its space.

    A simple kitchen scheme is perfect

Do not go for a complicated scheme when you know you won’t be able to design it appropriately. Simple white walls go a long way in making a small room appear large. Avoid some things you see in your friend’s kitchen and create your own design.

The ideas shared above will surely get you there. You will achieve a larger space for your kitchen if you follow these guidelines.

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