Nov 9, 2018

The top home decor trends that you can count on

Home decor as a term might have only two words, but the subject is a vast one! It opens up a whole new world of design trends that you can refer to and design your home accordingly. For instance, the subway tiles and rose gold tiles along with exposed lighting has been a popular home decor trend way back in 2017. Today, when 2018 is about to end and New Year is about to begin, there’s been a shift in the decorating patterns. There have been fresh-takes on old styles and introduction of some timeless home decor trends that are here to stay forever.
All through 2018, interior decorators witnessed few of the breathtaking home decor design patterns. If you want to know more on the subject, you can browse through Home Reno Direct and other similar websites. And if you're going to implement some of the best, new, quirky, classy and distinctive home decor ideas, then you can opt-in for the following trends:

1.   Say yes to the artisan fixtures
Today, more and more people are getting attracted to the accessories sourced from small businesses and local artists. It is especially true for lighting. You can opt-in for the artisan fixtures that can be customized depending on your home design requirements. And much like the natural elements, it moves our focus right from the tech domain to a natural world.

2.   Natural elements will always rule
Once you move away from the tech-based decor, you can discover the natural, fresh materials like granite, stone, copper, and concrete as alternative options. Using the trend of natural home decor, you can switch back to a serene and organic ambiance that helps to bring in an element of relaxation. If you want some ideas on how to go about it, you can always refer to the Home Reno Direct website and others and learn more on the same.

3.   The era of velvet furnishings
Till a certain point of time, velvet was considered old fashion and a jaded home decor trend. However, today it is known as a lavish and funky home decor element. It is a multi-dimensional fabric and has gained immense attention during this year. So you can opt-in for the luxurious and lavish looking velvet sofas from the best designers in town who customizes it for you, within your budget.

4.   Explore the classy copper accents
2018 saw a rise in gold and copper accents, in addition to a mix of many other metals. With the subtle orange and red tones, copper accents bring home an earthy essence! Today, most designers look at copper as the much –required need for fresh air. You can check out online guides to select one for your house.

5.   The beauty of floral patterns
It is one of the popular decorating trends that have been present for a while! Today, designers are making use of floral designs in a whole new light. The decorators often experiment with the home decor items and another backdrop with contrasting shades and create the timeless decor style.

When you are arranging your residential space today, you can opt-in for the best and new home decor trends. It adds a personal touch and also elevates the aesthetic value of your house, making others want to do the same.

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