Nov 13, 2018

Here's What You Need to Automate Your Home Pool Maintenance

Owning a pool is really awesome, but being disciplined and responsive and maintaining your pool regularly is even better. Keeping your pool clean and water balanced sometimes does not fit in your daily schedule and skipping a few cleaning sessions is not a big deal, but if that trend continues, there’s a good chance that your beloved pool might turn into one ugly mess.

We talked to guys over at KonaLabs and asked them if there is any way to help deal with this issue, and their answer was automatization. Here are some of the things you can automatize to make your maintenance easier.

Automatic pool leveler
During the summer when temperatures get really high, it can be sometimes difficult to maintain the desired water level in your pool. Heat causes the water to evaporate faster, which then requires more of your attention to return it to normal. 

What if you didn’t have to bother with that chore by simply installing an automatic leveler?

This little gadget helps monitor the level of water and it can automatically add more if needed, so it does not only save your time and effort, but it is more precise than the human eye. Keeping a nice, balanced water flow helps the whole system stay in order so that both your accessories and chemicals have perfect conditions to work as intended.

Chemical Monitor
Another useful gadget which saves enormous amount of time and energy by doing one of the most important jobs - monitoring chemicals. Usually, in the best case scenario, you would have to take a sample daily, measure it yourself, and then apply chemicals to balance the water.

This is perfectly fine if you can dedicate enough time, but if you have better things to do, then automatic chemical monitor comes in handy.

This device helps you measure levels of chemicals at all times and alerts you as soon as something is out of the set parameters, your job is just to add the number of chemicals prescribed by the device and go about your day.

What if you could take one of the most time-consuming jobs out of the equation? The physical pool cleaning. Some people like to do this themselves, but since it takes a lot of time to thoroughly clean a pool inside out, many people would rather hire someone else to do it, or buy a fully fledged automated pool cleaner.

This little robot helps you out by vacuuming and scrubbing the floor and the walls and gathering dirt and debris with just one press of a button. Think about how much time you would save by being able to clean up your pool whenever you want, without spending a minute actually doing it.

Automatic solar cover
Covers are important to reduce evaporation and preserve heat in the pool when needed, but the boring part is that you’d have to manage it manually every time. This is another aspect susceptible to automatization. Install an electric solar cover and manipulate it with ease.

Go a step further and connect it to your timer which is programmed to conduct certain actions without human input, thus enabling you to focus on other things during your busy day.

Chemical feeder
Balancing water can’t really be completely automated yet, but when it comes to sanitation, then there is this little device that can assist. Chemical feeder adds necessary chemicals to combat bacteria and keep the water clean.

It is a great gadget to control the distribution of chlorine, the only manual labor needed is to add tablets to the feeder and adjust the rate at which it operates.

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