Nov 28, 2018

The Moving Guide – Getting You Safely into Your New Home

Moving can be an overwhelming endeavor because of the literally dozens of details that need to be tended to in order to make sure things go smoothly and safely. Your possessions are valuable and even if some are not expensive, all have value to you personally. You do not want to lose or have anything damaged in a move. 

Moving to a new home is always stressful; saying goodbye to your old surroundings and the anticipation and anxiety of moving to a new place. With all of this concern, it is important that you plan your move as you would undertaking any important task, that means with good tips and a strategy to get it done right. Here are the best tips and the right strategy for getting you smoothly and safely into your new home.

Hire the Best Local Movers

Many people decide to do the moving themselves, thinking that it will be less expensive and not much of a headache. However the reverse is usually true. When you add in the cost of paying for boxes, tape, any other packing materials, what you might pay friends to come and help you, renting a truck, your time and the concern and stress that you have that something might be broken or lost, the cost of doing it yourself is often much higher than hiring cheap furniture removalists.

In addition to this furniture removalists are professionals who do this work all the time, they are quick and efficient at moving your belongings. You can also hire them to pack and unpack all of your belongings and this will save you time and headaches. Your job will simply be to direct them and stay out of the way. Removalist companies also often have insurance that covers any breakage or loss of your personal belongings.

Put Your Move on Paper

First thing to do to ensure that you have a good move is to put everything down on paper regarding your move.You should make a list of all items in your home so that you have in inventory of them before and after the move. Any items that require special handling like oversized couches, oddly shaped chairs or artwork and very heavy items should be notated as such with instructions on how to move those items.When this list is done you should have a complete list of all of the items in your home.You should include your starting point and destination and a map of the route that needs to be taken to get from one place to the other, just in case your removalist needs to be aware of any one way or congested roads.

Move Your Valuable Items Yourself

You should also make special note of and take personal handling of any valuable items or mementos that might get damaged or lost in the move. Anything made of a valuable metal or wood valuable stones in it, any collectables or specialty items should be put aside in boxes. In fact, you should put these boxes in the boot of your car and you should move them to your new home yourself.

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