Nov 6, 2018

How Wood Floor Contractors Can Help You Deciding The Floor?

Whether it’s a brand-new house or you have decided a floor renovation project, hardwoods have always been the highlight of making the home look luxurious and modern. With hardwood, the challenges you face is the selection of the right floor. Hardwood reflects the best when perfectly installed and for the perfect installation, you need to hire the experts. Before the perfect installation, you need to consult wood floor contractors in Clayton MO who can suggest you the right wood.

Deciding between solid and engineered wood

The wood floors come in two basic constructions, solid and engineered wood. Solid wood is nothing special can be installed above the ground level. Whereas the engineered wood, on the other hand, is formed by binding together various particles and fibers of both real and man-made wood. This can be installed anywhere in the home and is supposed to be less expensive than solid wood. However, the solid wood lasts longer because it can be sanded and refinished whenever needed. This what a contractor can tell you better and help you choose the wood.

Wood species and color

The selection of wood species depends on your budget and the personal taste. There are numerous classic hardwoods to choose from such as birch, cherry, oak, maple,and ash. If you are not aware of any wood type and is your first experience with hardwood flooring, we suggest you let the professionals make the decision.

The contractors may also provide you with other options too such as exotic species such as teak and mahogany. However, the exotic hardwood is expensive as compared to the common hardwoods. Consult your wood floor contractor and see how he can help you in selecting the right wood for you that fits in your renovation budget.

In addition to deciding on a species, you’ll also need to choose a finish. You can buy hardwood pre-finished or unfinished. Pre-finished hardwood will be cheaper and more efficient to install, but you’ll have more color choices if you buy your wood unfinished and have it stained onsite.

Decide on texture and plank width

Finally, consider the texture and width of your flooring. Floor manufacturers are able to create a variety of textures on most species of wood. A rustic setting might benefit from a worn or brushed texture, for example. Conversely, a formal setting will look better with a smooth, highly finished surface. This all is incorporated by the experts from one of the best wood floor companies in Clayton MO.

Beyond selecting the wood texture, you have to decide the plank width as well. For the oak floors, a standard size is between 2 ¼ and 3 inches. But the modern homes are incorporate broad planks of at least 5 inches or wider. Whereas, old-fashioned and rustic homes may look nice with thinner planks.

Hardwood flooring will add beauty and warmth to your home while also increasing its value. To find the most appropriate wood construction for your project and the best species, color, texture and width for your personal style, refer to this buying guide as you shop.

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