Nov 14, 2018

Post-Diwali Clean-up Tips

Hope you all had a safe Diwali! Now it’s time for clean-up. However, don’t be scared of the post-Diwali clean-up because in comparison to pre-Diwali home cleaning it will be less stressful and complicated. Needless to say, that cleaning won’t be that difficult, but as you will be tired, you won’t be feeling like cleaning your home the following day. Sparkles, crackers, stains of oil etc on the floors will actually need additional effort. Of course, to handle such situations you can arrange professional home cleaners who will help you get your house dirt-free after Diwali.

Just prior to Diwali a friend of mine who is a resident of an apartment near Jajpur road, Odisha called me to find quick solutions for post-Diwali cleanup. I did ask her to seek professional help but she preferred doing it on her own, to which I couldn’t disappoint her. As I had already known the tips and was accustomed to them it was easier for me to help my friend. If you too want to learn about the tips then here are the following:

Needless to say, everyone looks for the easiest possible ways that would help them get rid of the dust and stains ASAP.  

Remove All Decorations

Diwali means, more than half of the Indians would love to decorate their home with several decor items, which would include flowers, coloured papers, glitters, rice lights and so on. Start removing all these Diwali decorations hanging over the windows and doors. Before you start with the real clean up take out the paper lanterns, paper strings, rice & string lights, diyas etc.

Broom the Home

After you are done with removing the decorations, get ready with your broom. Broom all your rooms thoroughly to de-clutter the rooms. Clutters that are accumulated in the home while you were busy celebrating the festival needs to be clean as soon as possible. Do not forget to clean up the rangoli in the first stage so that the same doesn’t scatter all over the floor.   


Brooming isn’t enough until you mop the floors thoroughly. In fact, mopping plays an essential role when it comes to post-Diwali cleaning. As the floors after this festival remain stained with oil from the diyas, the floors need immediate mopping. Even stains from burnt crackers also need to be cleaned fast.    

To get rid of the oil stains that have fallen from the diyas, using some kind of blotting paper or cloth to splodge the oil. This would reduce the oiliness. Soon after this, you can take the help of the floor cleaner that would help you saturate the stain. Natural cleaning ingredients like vinegar can be used to soak the oil stains. Scrub the areas with a scrubbing brush or a cleaning cloth which would ideally help in removing the stains. To remove the stains from crackers use the bleaching powder. Leave the powder over the stains for at least 2 – 3 hours and then wash it off carefully.

Earlier, none of us did take the pain of thinking about post Diwali cleaning. However, things have turned essential today to keep the environment free from dust and clutter. Hope, the above-mentioned points were helpful to you.

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